Have you participated in a group healing, purchased a personal session, attended a workshop? Then this membership is for YOU as a gift for the inner work you are doing. Transformational work changes the planet and if you're like me, on a path of clearing your negative patterns, blocks, imbalances and fears -- your can use ALL the help you can get.

The Earthworker Membership is created for you as both a membership community to help you on your journey. Join any one of the series of weekly online groups to build your energy strength, clear underlying issues and enhance your Presence in your everyday life, OR join them together as many do, for on an intensive transformative experience. The three groups offer evolutionary energy following a month-long theme. They are designed as monthly subscriptions with recorded replays, or join just a single session as your own intuitive guidance calls to you. With the membership, you’ll access a private website just for you with exclusive learning resources, insight, tips and suggested activities, and creative content on transformation leading to awakening

The community is about supporting change in your life and the world. It encourages personal empowerment in a safe place of Grace, with DIVINE energetic assistance to guide the way to wisdom and embodying your true Nature.



With ANY Purchase 


With an Earthworker membership you'll receive 

  • Discounts to online series offering proprietary evolutionary energy
  • Exclusive content updated monthly
  • Discounts on Multi Dimensional Healing services
  • Deep discounts to an extensive archive of topics as self guided study
  • A private page to dialogue, share insight, feedback 
  • and so much more...



  •  Transform Hidden Resistance - clear and transform patterns of resistance to get unstuck.
  • Calming Emotional Overwhelm: soothing energetics to ease stress, regulate and stabilize emotional overwhelm
  • Healing the Body of Illness - strengthen the body and immune system from virus infections like Covid
  •  > Self Sabotage: assists in clearing the root of the issue "I am inherently bad" 
  •  > Thyroid Health: Energizing your thyroid is a gateway to both physical and metaphysical health.
  • > Regulating Your Nervous System: profoundly calm stress with advanced energetics 
  • > Planetary Puja to neutralize negative influences. Don't let the retrogrades get you down.
  • > Energize Your PSOAZ Muscle for Better Health: Soothing this muscle is a key component to reduce tension. 
  • > Recharging the VAGUS NERVE: aids rest, digestion, mental health among many other benefits.
  • > Boost Your Immune System helps you recover from infections and dis-ease.
  • > Advanced Integration: Perfect for easing any and all shift symptoms 
  •  and so much more!


 If you're called to help the Earth, this community is your invitation to take an active role and learn how YOU ARE an integral part of  global evolution.

This is advanced energy work for those committed to awakening as a part of changing the paradigm for an awakening planet.



"Wow. What a powerful session. Right away I felt my guide  come in...I had tears streaming down my face. It felt needed and good. I felt a complete and embodied sensation in my body. It was so calm and peaceful. I look forward to a great night's sleep tonight! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this work! I feel so blessed to do these sessions with you.

  -- Earthworker Review



Heal Hidden Emotional Baggage in the Body 

Every other Tuesday
7-8:30pm Central / 8-9:30pm Eastern

> Join online weekly via ZOOM, 1st & 3rd Thur's
Choose the monthly series and receive Lifetime Recordings

 ~~~ Tue, Feb 4 & 18 ~~~
Series Subscription receive replays + INTEGRATION Thur, Feb 29th


Each session is guided by the Intelligence of Source for your highest and best interest and builds up momentum throughout the month.

Let Universal Source energies advance your health and wellness to enhance your Earthworker capabilities…

  • Hidden patterns exist in your life experience, but also your collective history (ancestral and past life)
  • A strong energy system is the foundation for health and well being.
  • Clear energy system weakened by unseen conditioned consciousness
  • Restore vibrancy to build up strength to heal faster and embody higher vibrations.
  • A vital energy system is the key to navigating change of any kind.

Following Source guidance and working with DIvine consciousness of the highest order, we explore a specific focus on a key part of the energy anatomy to help enhance your health and energetic wellbeing. Each session follows dimensional protocols to clear the hidden patterns of imbalance, dis-ease and toxicity.  The proper balance and regulation of our flow of life is an integral part of embodiment.  It's important not only to the health of the body and mind, but, as an Earthworker, EVERY session impacts the the health of the wellbeing of collective humanity..

  • Transform shadow sides, blind spots, ancestral/karmic wounds, hidden trauma and stress that depletes and weakens the body, mind and spirit.
  • What you can't see continues to cause problems until it is transmuted and alchemized as guided by Source.

Unseen guides in a cosmic interface between worlds assist your journey. We work with Source Intelligence to energetically alchemize, transmute and transfigure blocks that weaken and imbalance you — working at root levels of all realities. Imagine yourself held in a safe and sacred space, bathed in the light of evolutionary energies to strengthen and serve your evolution. The month long focus concentrates the energies seen as essential to transform and embody new visions on the planet.

Consider these weekly energy sessions as a vital tune-up and tune-in to help balance and advance your energy anatomy. Dimensional clearing will impact all aspects of your life to…

  • Increase vitality
  • Rebuild health
  • Raise your vibration
  • Reduce stress
  • Strengthen resilience 
  • Expand clarity
  • Create more flow

These are Source guided groups that arose during the lockdown as a calling to meet the need for profound transformation within you as a conduit for the planet. 

The investment you make in your own inner growth is its own reward. It not only creates the space and freedom to live a more authentic, confident, healthy and grounded life, it also expands your interconnectivity with everything around you, to awaken compassion and awareness. 

If this resonates, you are warmly invited to engage in the process of changing your life.


$50 Join An Individual Session 

    $90 -- Monthly Subscription ($150 Value)
     - Three 90 minute sessions + lifetime recordings


    $240 - 30 Day Energy Immersion Intensive
    Seven 90 minute sessions + lifetime recordings 
    Ask how pay only $175 with an Earthworker Membership Discount  

    $180 - Tuesday Immersion - Add Deep Issue Series
    Five 90 minute sessions and lifetime recordings 


    Here's what people are saying...

    “This session subtly smoothed away some rough edges and untangled knots that were surprising. I feel relaxation in ways and places that I didn't even know I needed.” 

    "Just wanted to say thank you for all you do! I have such self awareness and self reflection these days. I’m growing exponentially and it feels amazing! So much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. ,,,Thank you for being an instrumental part of my breakthroughs and successes. Before I met you last august I was on the couch daily being sick and truly a victim and now I am able to see that so clearly. If it wasn’t for you I would have never got my ass (pardon me) off the couch and started back at fulfilling my dreams."


    “Awareness of so many life patterns flooded my mind. Afterword the loving support and recalibrating of the whole body could be felt everywhere! I truly believe huge shifts have happened!“ 



    The Solstice Angels, joined Angel Jophiel(illuminating beauty) to warmly transform the fear of darkness and reorient to a return to innocence.

    Receive a special blessing from Mother Earth as Source guidance follows the essence of the winter solstice’s meaning. It is a time marked by the shortest day and the longest night inviting us to reflect on the equilibrium of darkness and light, within the depths of our own being and as it applies to the world around us. 

    Explore what fear of darkness means to you in this dance of transformation and restoration following proprietary protocols to…

    • ground with the Earth breath
    • recalibrate chakras
    • restore regulation
    • embrace resistance
    • energize weakness
    • transform fear of darkness
    • manifest blueprints in support of a return to innocence

    The world within and around us is filled with unhealed darkness waiting to welcome light. 

    Subscribe to the Multi Dimensional Healing YouTube channel to be notified of future energy events.


    Sunday Morning Celebration

    Featured Presenter

    It is a challenging and yet curious time to be a human on the planet right now.

    The earth is waking up, inviting and encouraging us to wake up. It doesn't have to be so hard.

    In this featured dialogue with the Circle of Miracles community in Pennsylvania, you'll learn more about what it takes to be an Earthworker with access to the energetic support you need to not just survive but thrive in changing times.

    In this session replay, you'll also recieve an energy healing. 


    Transform emotional pain to rest and restore connection, courage, compassion and gentle acceptance.

    Advanced Energetics to Transform and Awaken

    Every other Tues, 7-8:30pm Central / 8-9:30pm Eastern

     ~~~~~ Tues's, FEB 13 & 27 ~~~~~

     Monthly subscribers integration: Thur, Feb 29

    Subscribe to the series and receive lifetime recordings + Integration


    in a Source guided process that promises to heal the wounds of buried pain.  

    An Earthworker is an agent of change which begins with your own personal inner evolution. There is no better way to transform negative patterns to support and awaken than with Divine Consciousness.

    To participate in Earthwork, means mining the deep issues that prevent you from realizing your truest nature as aa Universal being and embodiment of life itself. It is people doing inner work that is shifting the planet from its dense darkness into one of unity, cooperation and peace.

    Energetic transformation approaches trauma at root levels. From a collective, multidimensional perspective, you'll enter a safe and sacred space of nurturing to illuminate an address the closed off, buried and fearful areas. Following a proven protocol, you'll relax and open to receive energy that may normally be resistant. You'll work with your guides and a host of Universal Intelligence (called Source). Only Divine Consciousness can transform the roots of ythe conditioned consciousness of root wounded issues. Clearing imbalances and blocks this deeply, is the key to shifting out of negative patterns and transforming them into blueprints of manifesting potential.

    Earthwork is a magical art meeting quantum science principles of healing and embodiment offering a deeply effective and complementary way of approaching trauma healing that truly works.


     “I am feeling clearer and lighter today. Spiritually embracing the root cause...  That’s what we are doing in the group: taking our most precious parts of ourselves not usually attended to and lovingly removing the obstacles. Allowing these parts to feel cared for and they return to an original blueprint of harmony and health.” - Client Testimonial


    Every month we let Original Source guide our focus on specific issues to transform it into an alignment that we need. Each weekly session works consecutively to build upon each other in perfect union. 

    You'll focus's on clearing blind spots, shadow sides, hidden trauma of childhood wounds buried in root patterns of your karmic and genetic history. Break free of generational cycles and empower health, wellness and emotional freedom.

    DO NOT MISS this chance to work with Universal, Divine Energy of Source  to rebuild your self esteem, regain worthiness, reclaim self love and free yourself from the trauma of heart wounds in the nurturing space of Divine grace.

    Are you ready to 

    * clear negative imprints, blocks and imbalances

    * awaken to a new reality

    * expand your awareness

    * join in community 

    * be the change you wish to see in the world

    If you are called to a path of transformative inner work to help shift yourself and the Earth from its dense and disempowering elements into one of more harmony, cooperation and peace, or if you just want to better yourself, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU

    You are warmly invited to join this growing community of dedicated energy transformers.



    - Join an individual session 

    - Monthly Subscription
    Three 90 minute sessions and lifetime recordings


    $240 - 30 Day Energy Immersion Intensive
    Seven 90 minute sessions + lifetime recordings 
    Ask how pay only $175 with an Earthworker Membership Discount  

    $180 - Tuesday Immersion - Add Advanced Energetic Series
    Five 90 minute sessions and lifetime recordings 


    Folks are saying...

    “I am so thankful that you are continuing this work. I just feel it is what is steering us through all these changes and adjustments we are making to move into the new world being created. I feel so hopeful for human kind and this beautiful planet we share.” 

    “I was crying and releasing tightness in my left hip for most of the session. ...and yesterday I showed up like I have never shown up before. I felt very aligned with my truth - saying what needed to be said with kindness and compassion and not being judgmental or anxious about the response or reaction. Everything just flowed with love, so thank you for offering this trauma release work! I know it's transforming me. “

    "I am amazed how much lighter I feel. It's like I was walking around engulfed in a dark cloud and now it is gone. ... The difference it’s made in my life is really accelerating the healing process.”

    “Doing this work has brought me into a place in my life where I can face difficult life situations and feel strong enough to work through them.”




    • A signed permission is required with registration. New subscribers email for client form. Or click to download the form here or the button below.
    • If you are consulting with a therapist, it is recommended to receive written permission before participating.
    • It is highly recommended that you go through the March Foundational Sessions as a prerequisite for future Deep Issue Work.


    ADMIN NOTE: A signed client form is REQUIRED  This is transformative work that involves shifting energy that may incite symptoms. A signed participant responsibility agreement is required to register. No exceptions. Transformation is meant to create change which can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. It is recommended that you have additional outside support while participating. ETT can be a wonderful compliment to any and all other therapeutic practices. 

    *New participants please Click to download the client release form and email to return the client consent form before your first meeting.


    DISCLAIMER: All fees are due and payable along with a signed client form is required prior to release of the recordings. All amounts paid are non-refundable and non transferable to other services. Payment for MDH services is for time shared and not results. It is not a substitute for medical evaluation, treatment or trauma therapy.


    Embodied Presence
    Join a single session or subbed monthly and get lifetime recorded replays.

    Every other Sunday, 7-8:30pm Central

    ~~~~~ FEB 4 & 18  ~~~~~ 
    Series Subscription integration: Thur, FEB 29
    + replays

    Experience the power and potential of TRINITY ESSENCE in every Embodied Presence to connect to your body, earth and spirt as ONE! 

    This session is for you if you want to be more in flow with life. It helps you attune to the essence of your true nature, as it is grounded with Earth and within your body. Each replay is intended to hold the aliveness of every session.

    Like every MDH session, it is Divinely guided and support to get more in-depth into the qualities that keep you from being present following the months theme. Here you'll reorient and align with sacred vibrations of presence to awaken love, truth and freedom. 

    Presence is ta master power and key to living in that elusive state of being able to meet life as it arises in the present moment. 

    Many of us consciously strive for presence as a spiritual goal, but struggle to live it in our daily lives.  Embodying Presence is an ongoing offering, meeting Sunday evenings to explore universal issues that keep us out of presence and the energetic process that allows us to find presence through divine grace. 

    This is YOUR time to energetically...

    • advance your spiritual path
    • deepen embodiment
    • build coherence with infinite love, harmony, and possibility
    • accelerate and create growth
    • practice the peace within you that says ‘all is well’. 

    Embodying your Presence, means learning to express, flow and live in alignment with life as it happens. Humanity is facing its biggest transformation. This work helps you release layers of separateness, to become more connected to an evolving Earth. This is the earthwork the planet needs to envision new possibilities and potential.


    “I have never felt the energy like that and have it move out as far as it did… Amazing things are happening. The earth becomes more beautiful everyday. I am finding joy in the little moments again.” ~ Client Testimonial


    Join experienced intuitive Bette Hanson in an interface between worlds where your personal guide works with a host of unseen helpers: Divine Mother Collective, Master Healers, Celestials, Cosmic Lineages and Christ Consciousness to immerse you in vibrations to reorient, repattern, realign and regenerate your True Essence.

    Sample an individual session or subscribe to the monthly Earthworker series, to engage in evolutionary energies to …

    • Ground and anchor
    • Regulate unstable energy
    • Be embraced in a safe and sacred container
    • Reorient to new coherence 
    • Shift consciousness
    • Repattern new blueprints
    • Regenerate new visions
    • Immerse in a growing awareness of Presence
    • Interconnect to humanity

    When you intend to enhance your spiritual journey on a dimensional scale, you not only make big progress in the fabric of your own existence, you are making a difference in the greater collective. You’ll feel more grounded, calm, healthy and peaceful — while helping build a better world!


    “This session provided the "cleaning the pipes" that was desperately needed. It provided for me the tuning of all the instruments so that my personal orchestra is vibrating in harmony again. Thanks for sharing this profound gift with me!" ~ Client Testimonial


    You’re warmly invited to join the Earthworker community to contribute to the process of widespread change. It all starts with YOU!

    Select Sunday's  7-8:30pm Central



    $50 Per Session / $90 Monthly Subscription ($150 Value)



    • The Foundational Sessions are five 90 minute sessions and a BONUS Tune up session.If you want to test the energetic waters, try the FOUNDATIONAL SESSIONS before joining future DEEP SSUE WORK.

    • The FOUNDATIONAL SESSIONS are an excellent way to use SELF STUDY as an exercise in awareness and prepare your system for deeper work by energetically stabilizing any trauma weakness

    Start your DEEP ISSUE WORK with Foundational Self-guided Study ! 

    ONLY $111

    ❇️ If you are new to advanced energetic trauma clearing, start your multiidmensional journey with the Foundational Series replays. These group sessions clear trauma in key areas of the energetic anatomy to create a more stable foundation for more clearing. Owning these sessions, you'll want to return to them often as continuing support. 

    Here's what people are saying ...

    “I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been removing so much just in the last few weeks. Although it has been difficult it has been beautiful. Last night’s was amazing.”

    “Feeling like there was a great shift/release.  And last night I slept better than I've slept in a long time! So thank you! You are very gifted at what you do and I am blessed to be a part of this group.  I can't wait to see what the next few sessions bring.”

    “After the sessions, I have had greater peace in my life! Although we weren’t physically together during the sessions, I felt Bette energetically by my side every step of the way, as a loving connection & witness to the Divine Source.”

    “I’ve been on a path of self discovery for years, it wasn’t until I met Bette seemingly by chance that my journey took off. I began attending her online healings which have taken me to this place of inner peace that is beyond measure.”

    "This morning was so beautifully amazing! I really felt so much emotion, peace and love. It was exactly what I needed! ...I'm hoping to carry this feeling outside of my home and towards people who are not so easy to forgive/love. Before I even finished writing this, I felt the need to reach out to some of the people I love and remind them that they are amazing people. A lot of them responded saying that they had really needed to hear that right now. I feel so good and full of love right now! Thank you so much!”

    Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu - May Peace Prevail

    DISCLAIMER: All fees are due and payable prior to event.  All amounts paid are non-refundable and non transferable to other services. payments for all MDH events are for time shared and not a substitute for medical evaluation, treatment or therapy. Please seek medical care as needed.



    Checks may be sent upon request. Email

     With payment, please include the name of the service you are ordering, your full name AND contact email.

    Upon receipt an email with links to connect to ZOOM meeting or series of meetings will sent separately.

    DISCLAIMER: All fees are due and payable prior to event.  All amounts paid are non-refundable and non transferable to other services. MDH is for entertainment purposes and not a substitute for medical evaluation, treatment or trauma therapy.



    Thanks for all that you are doing! These healing monthly packages have changed my life. Not being overly dramatic either.  I feel like a different person.”

    "A thousand thank you’s...  For me, I can feel the impact they have on me psycho-spiritually.  After each weekly session, I feel dramatically grounded & centered within.  Which in turn, makes me feel light-hearted, and more reciprocal with others because I know deep within I am a multi-dimensional being experiencing a life on this material realm.”

    “Holy Crap! I was not prepared for that. Completely different from the {last} energy. ...Definitely increased vibration throughout my body. Clearly I had a lot to work through. It will be interesting to see how I will react to the replay.”

    “I’d like to thank you for doing these group healings. They have changed my life and I feel them helping out the planet.  I’m so very grateful for you and this modality.”

    “The energy is strong. I feel a lot of buzzing around me. I feel it like a bubble but I feel a lot of them. Like everyone in their own bubble but they are all stacked up together. I saw an image and it released everything and I got sick to my stomach then released it. It was amazing.”

    “I am so grateful for the work you are doing to help us humans and the world.”

    “It's basically miraculous....I feel major changes in myself. The first few days I was very tired and irritable, then it felt like heavy, old mental debris had been taken away overnight. I've been able to laugh deeper and heartier than I have in a long time and I've been able to connect more easily to a grounding sense of peace that just feels... more accessible. It's always been there, but now I don't have to try so hard to reach it.”


    “We are all just walking each other home.” ~ Ram Dass 


    “VortexHealing®" is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights Reserved. Used here with permission.