I grew up in the Midwest, the last of seven in a middle class, Lutheran family with conventional, no-nonsense values in a suburban neighborhood. Yet, I've always had a deep curiosity and drive to explore the unknown. I grew up both loving the mystical side of religion while questioning the restrictions of dogma and doctrine.  After reading James Allen As a Man Thinketh in my teens, it set the foundation for personal development and exploration into the power of thought and intention.

Schooled and trained in Broadcast Journalism, I started out as a TV reporter and mastered skills in communication, deeply questioning and probing for answers while climbing the proverbial ladder. In time I entering the fast-paced, powerful corporate life of as a production & TV Executive. In the beginning it nurtured my innate curiosity, expanded my creativity and innate nature to discern fact from fiction.  After 20 years, I was burnt out on the power, greed and corruption and left unfulfilled, drained and disillusioned. Through it all I tried to maintain an inner perspective and yearned for 'something more'.

Then  a series of unfortunate incidents culminating in a chronic illness prompted me to look INSIDE for answers.

What was wrong with me? I was restless, chronically exhausted, depressed, disillusioned with corporate life and could barely function. Everything was going wrong in my life. I had a history of traumatic events in my life starting from birth. Celiacs, a debilitating food allergy to wheat, and Lymes disease was also plaguing my body, but I did not yet know it.

I was literally on my knees and left with nothing when I stumbled by chance that some people call synchronicity on a little known, but powerful Divine healing energetic art called *VortexHealing
® Divine Energy Healing. I was SO moved and energized by the first class that I enrolled in the next level, and then another and another. In the middle of my second class, I sat up and said to my self, "I am a healer", not knowing what it meant or where it would lead me. It took me a few more years to realize my potential and awaken out of the dream into Self. It IS a process that is not without it's twists, turns, darkness, light, ups, downs and plateaus. During this time, I radically changed my diet to manage the Celiacs and the Lymes was healed.



On my birthday, June 20th of 2012, My experience was that I was blessed with a gift from Sri Amma Karunamayi of channeling Divine Grace specifically for working with Divine Earth energy, embodying Truth and blessing the Earth. I am humbled beyond words, grateful with all my heart and dedicated to learning how to share and use this gift in private practice, group healings, workshops and Earth clearings. The work has expanded and grown into Divine Love -- a very soft, yet Supremely powerful Divine Mother-like energetic tool for clearing and transforming energy, named 'Ma Satya' - the Mother Tree of Truth .

I am infinitely grateful to the DIVINE for transforming my life through experience. The strength of VortexHealing is in it's direct access to Divine consciousness. It transforms karmic & genetic patterns at the root level for personal, global and universal healing. As I trained, the work cleared and continues to clear deeply imbedded karmic patterns, limiting beliefs and identities that sabotage, block, cause pain, suffering and separation. Like you I am still opening to embody and live this still place of awake awareness. I am a work in progress, thankful for every moment and experience to embody awake awareness and be of service. 

Dedicated to service, this movement has expanded organically with innate gifts of insight, clairsentience/knowing, expanded intuition, channeling, spirit communication, Earthwork and service. My experience is that this work has brought forth frequencies imbedded in my voice, amplified by the harmonic resonance of each group to create deep healing for the planet. I am called to travel to do Earthwork as my seva, educating others on the process of awakening, encouraging peace within humankind, and helping embody and deepen the connection to oneness. 

in late summer of 2016, the calling brought me to Colorado where I settled in Longmont and then Steamboat Springs. The story of the move is a fascinating one of letting go, listening and flowing with what is. Giving up most all my worldly goods, I packed what fit into my used Jeep that is called Samadeh Seva and headed West. The work continues to evolve and grow as I deepen surrender and embody awakening in service to all the planet, people and Universe. 

I am infinitely grateful to you for reading this, everyone that has contributed to my path in any way. ALL are teachers. And ultimately to the Source/Universe for leading and directing my path as I surrender and continue to embody the infinite wisdom of Source.


I was honored to be joined for 14 years of my journey by Sascha, the Doggess, an enchanting, adorable and gifted English Shepherd -- a wise, loving, cosmic guide and one of the best healers I know. She guides me now in Spirit form. And new to the crew is Hilarion the magical cat, a master healer in his own way.

“VortexHealing®" is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights Reserved. Used here with permission.


Since 2006, I've been devoted and called to train in energy healing and work as a certified VortexHealing® practitioner, which is STILL evolving as the frequencies available on the planet evolve. VortexHealing is a dynamic modality that is ever progressing as energies progress.

I've facilitated hundreds of client sessions  and completed well over 1200 hours of comprehensive training in the the most advanced tools and awakening levels of VortexHealing® reaching the highest levels of certification. The following VortexHealing® courses have been completed or are scheduled to be completed

  • Basic-2006
  • Advanced/Magical Structures-2006
  • Earth Shift-2007
  • Sensing-2007
  • Clearing the Kundalini-2007
  • Karmic Intensive-2007
  • Multi-Frequency-2008
  • Earthshift-2008
  • Sensing I, Psychic & Consciousness Development - 2008
  • Lifeform-2009
  • Omega-2009
  • Core Veil & Root of Liberation-2009
  • Root of Self Realization-2010
  • Genetics-2010
  • Jewel-2010
  • Embodiment Meditation-2010
  • Earthshift-2010
  • Inner Veil-2011
  • Merlin's Puzzle-2011
  • Multi-Dimensional Jewel-2011
  • Universal Veil & Awakening the LCF-2012
  • I-Point & Duality of Awareness & Consciousness-2012
  • Earth Shift-December 2012
  • Awakening to O-Self, May 2013
  • Merlin's Grace-Sept, 2013
  • Angel Heart-October, 2013
  • Awakening the Bodymind & Transforming Nervous System, May 2014
  • Merlin's Puzzle Intensive-June 2014
  • Breaking with the Past-Oct, 2014
  • Being Is, Universal Veil & LCF - Jan, 2015
  • Original Veil & Universal Assemblage Point - Sept 2015
  • EarthShift & Energy System Intensive, April 2016
  • Transforming DNA's Core Program, May 2016
  • Sensing II, Feb 2017
  • Sensing III, Feb 2017
  • Sensing IV, Feb 2017
  • Deepening Awakening & Embodiment, Feb 2017
  • Merlins Puzzle, Sept, 2017
  • Awakening to Divinity, Oct, 2017
  • Manifesting Intention, May 2018
  • Awakening to Divinity, Sept 2018
  • Angelic Heart 3 & 4, Oct, 2018
  • Earthshift, March, 2019
  • Deepening in Divinity, April, 2019
  • Q-Gate, June 16-21st, 2019
  • Vortex Foundational, Oct 2019
  • Amma Retreat November, 2019
  • Earthshift, March 2020
  • Deepening in Divinity, June 2020
  • Awakening to Divinity, October, 2020
  • Reality Manager, Nov, 2020
  • Deepening in Divinity, Dec, 2020
  • Earthshift Mach, 2021
  • Deepening in Divinity, March 2021
  • Manifesting Intention, April, 2021
  • Deepening in Divinity, Oct 2021
  • Earthshift, Nov 2021
  • Awakening the Bodymind, March, 2022
  • Deepening/Awakening from Freedom, May 2022
  • Awakening to Divinity, Oct, 2022

Graduated with a BA in English/Communications with a Broadcasting minor, I worked as an Emmy award winning television Executive for organizations including CBS, CW, ABC, NBC, FOX, Animal Planet, HGTV & Discovery Education among other media &, advertising and production outlets and agencies.  

I am also an avid pet advocate and enthusiast and work on pets when the occasion presents itself. In 2004, I founded the Natural Pet Expo, to educate & inform pet guardians about natural and holistic health. The event ran up until 2010 and grew to include an online forum, multiple vendors and a regional following and focus. 

I am infinitely grateful to the DIVINE and the energy work with continue to deepen and transform my life. What will come next I wonder? 


“VortexHealing®" is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights Reserved. Used here with permission.