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Each monthly series of 4-5 ninety minute recorded sessions target specific areas of focus that will help deconstruct the various layers of conditioned consciousness. Peruse the LIST OF SESSIONS  below that took place from Aug 2020 through present day to choose a recording that serves you. Sample the extensive back catalogue of replays from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. These potent and powerful Multi Dimensional Healing sessions cover a vast array of awakening topics, issues and energy maintenance. Most all of them are available as YouTube links. 

These are energetic sessions working with evolutionary energy. Listening to them with your full awareness will give you the greatest results. If you are distracted, tune out or fall asleep, the energy is still working, just not as impactful as it could. Notice that IF you are spacing our or nodding off, it may be a sign of your own resistance. Make it a practice to call your attention back to stay PRESENT with the process that the energy session is providing for you... I

t is recommended that in getting the full month of 4-6 sessions, that you pace yourself accordingly. Depending on the fluidity and strength of your energy system, you may experience energetic detox. Evolutionary energy advances your energy, with each listen. The more you practice with it, the deeper it will work on the dimensional layers. EVERYONE holds energy patterns differently, as a unique expression of their own incarnation and genetic conditioning. Follow your guidance, If you are eperiencing too much detox symptoms, slow down your progress.

It is suggested to listen to one session per week with time in between to integrate either naturally OR by using the INTEGRATION session after each listen of the replay. This fifth session is entirely devoted to integration, a crucial part of catching up the system and the major organs to the changes of dimensional energy shifting. 

If you're ready to make a commitment to ongoing advanced energy work and take the time for self healing, these sessions are for you.

Transform the body, clear deep issues in your  conditioning stress to embody more Presence in your life with this series of recorded replays focused on aspects of how stress negatively impacts you and your life. The Earthworker series follows a theme of stress relief targeting the areas hidden from view: the ancestral, karmic and collective consciousness. Transforming stress on dimensional levels can be life changing as you deconstruct the patterns and issues that are unearthed as you learn to navigate free of its burdens and debilitating symptoms. Reclaim your happiness, hope and vitality with these sessions designed to work together for deep release in an energy intensive experience. 


four 90 minute Advanced Energetic sessions, 
Four two hour Deep Issue recordings
two 90 minute Embodied Presence replays
a 80 minute integration session 
that's 19 hours of advanced energy 
They are all guided by Source Intelligence to clear, transform, evolve and heal the roots of hidden stress. Each of the recordings are alive with the original energies and just as powerful as being present. 

Topics covered include:
  • Dissolving Frozen Shock of Stress
  • Chronic Stress
  • Fear of Annihilation'Death
  • Stress of Deep Grief
  • Stress Addiction
  • Fear of Recrimination as Hidden Stress
  • Emotional Overwhelm
  • Self Protection As Hidden Stress
  • Clearing of the Stress Response in the Hormon System
  • Clearing Loneliness/Neediness/LAck as Root Cause

BONUS: You'll also receive an Earthworker Membership to continue to support your stress relief journey with oodles of private energetic content.

*Offer good for a short time. Non transferable or refundable. Client permission form required for all new participants.

EARTHWORKER Series - Advanced Energy Maintenance

(formerly called Multidimensional Energetics)

 Back Catalogue

Multidimensional Energetics Back Catalogue



of five 90 Minute Sessions

~ $65 ~


  • April 2021, the series clears major organs: the kidneys, liver, stomach and brain received a full session of focused intention and attention with much heralded success. 
  • May 2021, Heart and Lung Health include the spiritual heart and heart chakra. 
  • June 2021 Optimizing the Immune System
  • July 2021 Regulating the Nervous System. 
  • August 2021 Digestive System and gut flora Health
  • September 2021 Spine Health
  • October 2021 Optimizing the Root Chakra
  • November 2021 Clearing Kidneys & Fear in the Body
  • December 2021: Optimizing the Endocrine/hormonal system
  • January 2022 Pancreas Health
  • February 2022 Clearing and Liver Health
  • March 2022 - Strengthen Bladder Health
  • April 2022 - Pelvic Health
  • May 2022 - Spleen Health
  • June 2022 - Recovering from Body Illness (Covid)
  • July 2022 - Healing the Reproductive (Sexual) Organs
  • Aug 2022 - Healing the Mother Wound - Special 30 day Energy Immersion price CLICK HERE
  • Sept 2022 - Healing the Father Wound
  • Oct 2022 - Clearing Mother Conditioning in the Body
  • Nov 2022 - Clearing Father Conditioning in the Body
  • Dec 2022 - Clearing the Heart Wound in the Body
  •  Jan 2023 Healing Hidden Trauma
  • Feb 2023 Heal Hidden Roots of Stress Part 1
  • March 2023 Heal Hidden Stress Part 2

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    Select Your Topic
    5 Ninety Minute Sessions 
    Your Cost $65* 
    *With payment, please indicate which month/topic/date/year that you're interested in. Include your contact information.

    (formerly Aligning with Awakening)

    Aligning with Awakening Back Catalogue



    of four 70-80 Minute Sessions

    ~ $65 ~


    • Aug 2022 - Embodying Empowerment/Self Mothering
    • July 2022 - Embodying Intimacy
    • June 2022 - Embodying Wisdom & Trust
    • May 2022 - Embodying Flow of Love
    • April 2022 - Embodying Balance & Contentment
    • March 2022 - Embodying Change & Confidence
    • Feb 2022 - Embodying Peace/Hope/Truth
    • Jan 2022 - Embodying Grace/Freedom
    • Dec 2021 - Embodying Innocence/Vitality
    • Nov 2021 - Embodying Divinity/Beauty/Joy
    • Oct 2021 - Embodying Heart
    • Sept 2021 - Embodying Truth/Awarness
    Select Your Topic
    5 Ninety Minute+ Replays of Sessions 
    Your Cost $65

    Become an Earthworker Member and get a 50% discount on all archived sessions:.
    You pay only $32!
    With payment, please indicate which month/topic/date/year that you're interested in. Include your contact information.
    (formerly Energetic Transformation Therapy)

    Energetic Transformation Therapy/DEEP ISSUE WORK & Transformation Tuesdays
    Back Catalogue



    of five 90 Minute Sessions

    ~ $125* ~


    Energetic Transformation Therapy/ DEEP ISSUE WORK

    • March 2023 Heal Hidden Stress Part 2
    • Feb 2023 Heal Hidden Roots of Stress Part 1
    • Jan 2023 Healing Hidden Trauma
    • December 2022 - Opening the Heart 
    • November 2022 - Clearing Father Conditioning: *30 Day Immersion
    • October 2022 - Clearing Mother Conditioning *Day Immersion
    • September 2022 - Healing the Father Wound 3)0 Day Immersion
    • August 2022 - Healing the Mother Wound *30 Day Immersion
    • July 2022 - Conflict with the Body/Illness
    • June 2022 - Loss of Innocence/Sexual Intimacy
    • May 2022 - Rejection
    • April 2022 - Avoidance
    • March 2022 - Anxiety/worry
    • Feb 2022 - Bile/Bitterness & Unexpressed Anger
    • Jan 2022 - Broken Faith/Trapped in Trauma
  • Dec 2021 -Unsupported (by Divine)
  • Nov 2021 - Fear of Change
  • Oct 2021 - Destabilizing Woundedness
  • Sept 2021 - Righteous Anger
  • Aug 2021 - Unwillingness to...
  • July 2021 - Triggered/Acute Stress
  • June 2021 - Chronic Stress
  • May 2021 - Grief/Loss
  • April 2021 - Safety/Unsafe
  • March 2021 - Mistrust
  • February 2021 - Unworthiness

  • Transformation Tuesdays
    • Jan 2021 - Fear of Own Highest Potential
    • Dec 2020 - Mistrust/Fear of Unknown
    • Nov 2020 - Digesting the Indigestible
    • Oct 2020 - Letting Go of Control
    • Sept 2020 - Hard Heartedness
    Select Your Topic
    5 Ninety Minute+ Replays of Sessions 
    Your Cost $125
    **New Clients: Signed permission form required to purchase
    and pay only $75  40% discount!
    **This series requires a client intake form to participate. Download YOUR PDF form here and email it to MDHealing@icloud.com. With payment, please indicate which month/topic/date/year that you're interested in. Include your contact information.


    Energetic Transformation Therapy 

    For Trauma Wellness


    Five 90 Minute Recorded Replays + Bonus Tune-up Session


    Original Cost $156 


    The first sessions of Energetic Transformation Therapy, recorded in March of 2021, targeted the baseline ways our energy anatomy holds trauma. Listening to the energies imbedded within them, clears old conditioning to create a solid foundation to continue the process of unraveling trauma patterns.

    Standing on their own, they offer a deep cleansing and calming of the vibrational patterns of instability and chaos that trauma can create.


    Healing inner trauma, is a mining of old wounds. It  challenges us to take responsibility and face the discomfort it takes to break down long buried identities, patterns, conditioning, programming and defense mechanisms.  

    It’s often a paradoxical task to work through the resistance to find ways INTO the discomfort in order to feel safe and secure in the places we feel unsafe and insecure. We may often feel helpless, hopeless or not strong or worthy enough to even start. Instability is often an imprinted function.

    Holistic therapist Matt Licata writes about his experience with trauma patients:  The tragedy of relational trauma presents itself as a cellular fragmenting, more primordial than a mere cognitive dissonance, neurally-encoded and rooted in the soul.  … what can be even more devastating is a deep knowing that “I’m alone in this.” The absence of companionship, of feeling felt and understood, is at the heart of trauma and devastating to a human being wired to rest within a relational field.”

    It's a vulnerable process to unwind and navigate through the minefield of lost, emotional wounds. This worthy journey, carries much reward for those willing to take responsibility. It changes you to your core. As the old, limiting patterns fall away, the journey itself empowers you to emerge through the brokenness, stronger and MORE whole because of the wisdom gained walking through vulnerability, pain and suffering. 

    When we feel seen, honored, cared for and  nurtured through the fear, we learn to become fearless in the process.

    Matt Licata continues “To provide even a sliver of hope, a moment of safety, where they can feel felt and understood, just one moment where they can re-link, re-associate, re-embody, and know a new world is possible. To see and feel and sense that you are there with them, that you honor who and what they are and the coherence and validity of their experience. That you will not demand they urgently transform or heal or be different in order for you to stay near.“

    Clients report that working with MDH's Energetic Transformational Therapy creates a sacred and safe space to be seen, met and held in the arms of the Divine. You feel surrounded by love and protected by DIvine Grace in a nurturing environment necessary for accessing and alchemizing the vulnerable and buried conditioned patterns related to trauma. 

    As I've found in my own path of healing, acknowledging the trauma is KEY in motivating me to unlock the kind of shifts that result in transformative change. But more importantly, its feeling safe enough to allow the healing process to unfold organically that's even more important. 

    "Healing is our responsibility because every great person you deeply admire began with the odds against them, and learned their inner power was no match for the worst of what life could offer."  writes author Brianna Wiest

    In my experience unresolved trauma can create ungrounding, spaciness and/or psychological dysfunction. In general, these mostly come from emotional avoidance or conflict of one kind or another, which of course can be amplified by root emotional issues. There are also karmic/genetic components that contribute.  

    For relief, one would start by addressing the core issues underlying the unprocessed wounding, but it may be  difficult to transform them until there is a more stability, safety and strength to form a baseline of integrated functionality. In energetic terms, it means restoring your functional centers, along with the brain-consciousness and body-consciousness interfaces. Any one or more of these may have become less functional or stopped functioning entirely, due to trauma. 

    The FOUNDATIONAL SESSIONS approach trauma systematically. Combined, the five sessions work together to target the key energetic components where trauma is held to include the ungroundedness or spaciness it can cause. This creates a base of stability and strength across your system to be more open and receptive to deeper shift.

    It is recommended that you pace yourself through the progress. Listen to one session per week with time in between to integrate using the 5th session after each one. This fifth session is entirely devoted to integration, a crucial part of catching up the system and the major organs to the changes of dimensional energy shifting. 

    If you're ready to make a commitment to ongoing trauma energy work -- to take the time for self healing, these sessions are for you.

    Combined, the five Energetic Transformation Therapy Foundational Sessions deeply work through to clear the trauma patterns imprinted and layered within your energy anatomy that are the cause of imbalances. Each one is profound in its own right.

    • Session one recorded March 4th focuses on the functional centers — the emotional, mental, physical, brain and personality areas that tend to become weakened in the face of stress or trauma overwhelm. These movements are then integrated throughout your system which is key component to help your bodymind recognize and implement the shifts.
    • The next session March 11 modifies the Jin shin system to support the 5 functional centers and the brain-consciousness & brain-body interfaces changes. The Jin Shin system carries your core conditioning from the moment of conception through its own the pathways, nodes and depths. In addition, all these 4 aspects continue to become conditioned by your separateness, experience, and issues. Modifying it is an important step for regulating energies manifested as trauma conditioning.
    • Session three was recorded March 18. It expands into a variety of areas to include the brain consciousness and body interface and body tension trigger points — on how it consciously reacts from a place of trauma.  We all sit in our own bubble of consciousness that contains all of our history as streams of associative memories. When there is trauma or body weakness, the bubble can withdraw or disengage where it interfaces the brain and this is why we can feel out of body or spacey. Getting out of body is an avoidance issue of what is happening which can disconnect the brain interface further and become a vicious cycle. Addressing this crucial aspect helps you to regain your center.
    • Session four recorded on March 25 continues on the work from the previous session, getting deeper into crucial areas with even more results. Here the auric field is rebuilt. Also the adrenals, amygdala and prefrontal cortex/forebrain and more ... are transformed and optimized for overall health, wellness and balance.
    • Th fifth session is INTEGRATION: After all this concentrated work, the final session, March 30 is integration with the spleen, stomach, pancreas, thymus and pathways getting special attention.
    Each of these recordings are ALIVE with energy and a potent and powerful source of energy alchemy. 


    To use these sessions, a signed client release form is required. A PDF form is attached here. Please return it to MDHealing@icloud.com A dated, signed form is required BEFORE the sessions can be sent.


    Here's what folks have to say about DEEP ISSUE WORK via Energetic Transformation Therapy:

    "I noticed a lot of body movement throughout the different (phases). Feeling like there was a great shift/ release possibly.  And last night I slept better than I've slept in a long time! So thank you! You are very gifted at what you do and I am blessed to be a part of this group.  I can't wait to see what the next few sessions bring.”

    “When I signed up for my Energetic Transformation Therapy sessions I wasn’t sure if they were going to be scary, drumming-up past traumas I didn’t want to remember. But that wasn’t the case. Bette was there every step of the way! Truths of self-love, divine self-reliance, creation and infinite peace were unearthed gems of awareness if I chose to let them sparkle and aid me. Vivid dreams and some intense physical sensations arose during some of my sessions, but it all made me stronger. Ultimately causing me to want and know more - allowing the stories to unravel versus staying in stuck patterns forever. It was energetic therapy in the most gentle, loving and limitless way.”

    “Having worked with Bette for several years in both group and private sessions, I jumped at the opportunity to specifically confront decades-old trauma from loss of a family member. After the sessions, I have had greater peace in my life, & also new job opportunities presented themselves, no coincidence in my opinion!! Although we weren’t physically together during the appointments, I felt Bette energetically by my side every step of the way, as a loving connection & witness to the Divine Source.”

    "My work with Bette is much different from the other modalities I have experienced. The client is in a receptive state with Bette using her expertise to strengthen what needs strengthening, build what needs building, take away what no longer serves and bring what is ready for healing to the surface so that I can work with it. Each session brings new surprises and a deeper understanding of what the roadblocks are that have been holding me back. Little by little, Bette has been chipping away at these. I have noticed a gradual shift in my mood--like my baseline has become higher. I would highly recommend Bette's healing techniques.

     Your Energy Exchange
    •  BONUS special Energy Boosting Session 
    •  A total of 8.5 hours of advanced energy 
    •  original cost is $156 

    *With an EARTHWORKER MEMBERSHIP, you pay only $75

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