• PERSONAL HEALING: Experience laser-focused energy pinpointed to follow proven protocols targeting a healing purpose.These 1-1 sessions are designed for mulit-purpose. The 60 minute healing is for high level strengthening andmaintaining the health of your energy body or most choose the 90 -120 minutes for deep work in issue clearing. They can be purchased in packages of multiple sessions for cost savings. They are available via distance or in person in one of the many locations/sites while touring.
  • GROUP HEALINGS (In Person or Virtual):Its not enough to awaken, our purpose on the planet is too embody our spiritual journey. Embodyment is your ability to live your truth. It creates the space & freedom for your natural abilities and empowerment to arise by clearing what is NOT AWAKE. Group healings evolve as called and can be found on the GROUP EVENTSpage in greater detail. Each time you attend, the energy impacts you differently giving you exactly what you need and continuously works deeper. Participants report significant movement. Visit the testimonial pagefor their reviews.
  • DEEP RELEASE IMMERSION INTENSIVES: These group gatherings are a powerful and effective way to experience shift in a focused, condensed format. When you recognize that our conditioning is held on multiple dimensions in karmic, genetic and Divine blueprints, it takes time and focus to peel away the layers of effective and lasting clearing.  These healings follow a protocol designed to transform dissonant energy patterns of separation to create more space and freedom for Truth to arise. MDH workshops create the environment for sacred, safe and profound movement for participants.
  • RELATIONSHIP CLEARING: Clearing deep relationship patterns can have a significant impact in how we view and relate to our loved ones and significant other. With VortexHealing, we can work at deep levels of dissonant vibration that transforms how we meet, respond to and interrelate with new, developing relationships, or clearing toxicity from unhealthy or past relationships that no longer serve us. "I'm growing up to be my parents" is energetically true. Our parents hold the deepest conditioning sharing both karmic and genetic as well as surrounding environment imprints. Clearing this energy creates the freedom that is uniquely you to emerge. 
  • HOME/LAND CLEARING: Deeply and extensively clear your home, work, or play environments that hold negative vibrations that have built up over time.Please email for a complete list of services and costs associated with travel. Distance healng available.

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When we start to understand that everything is energy, we begin to broaden our awareness into the fundamental principles that shape our understanding.
We start to consider that every health issue can have a physical and an energetic component. Energy pioneer, teacher and author of the book Energy Medicine, Donna Eden, explains that "any physical, mental, or behavioral problem has a counterpart in the body’s energies and can be treated at that level."  

Eden points out that "every conceivable health problem, psychological challenge, or dysfunctional habit can be improved if not overcome by intelligently shifting the energies in the body that are maintaining that condition.” Just as we have a physical anatomy, we also have an energetic anatomy made up of energy centers called chakras, energy pathways like meridians and energy bodies; physical, etheric, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic. 

What many are coming to realize is our energy system is ALSO dimensional. As we discover that we are consciousness -- the state of being aware of a greater connection -- we're finding that our energetic anatomy stretches interdimensionally in a complex web of divine lines, blueprints, structures, identities and much more. 

Dimensions are not locations, they are raised levels of awareness that many are awakening too. Ric Weinman, author, VortexHealing founder and energy mapping pioneer explains the complexities of energy. 

"According to Vedic writings, the universe was manifested from primordial sound and vibration. As human beings, we are a microcosm of that universe—an almost infinite mix of simple and complex vibrations crammed into a small bio-conscious body. If you were to take the package of vibrations that you consider to be you and translate that into a song, consider what that song would sound like. Full of conflicting emotions and body sensations, full of restless and chaotic monkey-mind thoughts, full of eons of past-life history and millions of years of genetic survival history, continuously vibrating out of our consciousness and DNA—consider what that song of yourself would sound like. That’s why we are so drawn to nature. The harmony of nature reminds us of our own lost harmony." -- Ric Weinman

With a greater awareness of our dimenstionality then, we can start to ponder what Einstein meant when he said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it?"

Consider this quote as an invitation to explore paradox. But first, we need to examine the fundamental way we think as it relates to paradox. 

Our beliefs and how our minds process reality define rules that govern the world in which we live. If those rules contradict each other, it is seen as an indicator that there is something incongruent with our reasoning. 

Essentially, the system our brain constructs for us is based on the sum of all we've learned from our experiences. This then creates our paradigm, acting as a lens which filters reality in a way that makes sense to us.

Our minds create these boxes, that we categorize and label as reference points. We put every thing we relate to or associate with, into these boxes. Our mind sorts through it all based on definable qualities. Then, as a result, we use these qualities to justify the nature of reality, thus conforming the outer reality to fit within the learned confines of our inner world.

This makes all we know familiar because we have created a means of reference to relate this or that to, we manifest beliefs within us that separate us from the objective truth. That truth being that reality is truly absurd. 

If we remove these mental lenses we’ve crafted, then we in turn begin to open up new vistas absent of preconceived notions. 

A paradox is an apparent contradiction or logical absurdity that challenges our mental constructs. 

By its very nature paradox is inherently mysterious, and when deeply contemplated, it forces us to develop new pathways in our minds, like an invitation into the unknown. Sometimes, in these moments, when we grapple with those existential issues in our lives that perplex us, life’s profoundest mysteries are revealed. 
Consider then, that a paradox is a wonderful invitation to explore the boundaries of perceived limitation, an invitation to explore your own dimensionality as a catalyst for change.


Clearing the energy in your space is important to restore health, balance and vitality back to your environment. What sets MDH sessions apart from others is the the deep release that works down into soil, aligning the lei lines of the land and into the molecular cellular levels to removs lingering and toxic energies that have built up in the environment. Physical space, all our artifacts, and the very land itself act like a sponge, absorbing the resonance of all people, circumstance and events that happen. The most common energy that comes to surface to clear, is the negative energy people created in the space both present and past. 

Utilizing the power of VortexHealing®, Multi Dimensional Healing & Mat Satya Tree of Truth energy easily and deeply clears the negative energy while infusing the area with Divine Blessings to restore health, harmony and balance. Old, stagnant energy is cleared, creating a vacuum for fresh and invigorating energy to freely flow. The space is blessed with Divine nourishment, to become a hub for clarity and positivity to dwell. are transmit. 

VortexHealing® clears negative memory on the astral plane and imprinted consciousness in residential homes, to larger spaces like commercial buildings, parks, land, communities and even sections of cities. In general, the longer the time spent, the deeper and more impactful it will be. Pricing depends both on time and size.acreage.

COST: $150-$500+* - Space Clearing for Your Environment

This healing can include dwellings, land and furnishings. Timing varies based on location, age, size of building(s) land area covered, amount of belongings and intention for clearing. Again, the longer time spent, the deeper it works. Travel expenses are separate and remote sessions work just as effectively.

*Pricing depends on the size, time and density of the space you wish to clear. The longer time spent, the deeper it can get into the imprinted consciousness of the material contents influencing a space.

**Travel is billed separately, based on the time it takes and how far I need to travel.

PROCESS: The process is very simple, yet profound. I sit quietly, undisturbed and access the energies for clearing using focused intention and concentration. You can be present for any, all or none of the process. If you are present, please plan on staying quiet and entertaining yourself. I will need to concentrate undisturbed. 

DETAILS: A space clearing is based on ancient principles to energetically cleanse and bless the area where you reside or occupy, whether it is a studio apartment, residential home, farm, mansion, office or community space. Our environments are prime real estate for toxic energies to gather and build up. 

A house clearing and land cleansing clears stuck, stale or imbalanced energies that have accumulated. It's perfect when moving into a new home, selling a house, or for just clearing out the negative energy that's collected within a space and land throughout the years. This deep clearing creates more ‘space’ and freedom. It opens a vacuum for the high frequency energies of Divine Blessings to take residence.


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Experience the healing power of VortexHealing® at the highest level, Manifesting Intention (MI) -- the most advanced Vortex offers, culminating from 14 years of expansively intensive training. Each session is 90 minutes to 2 hours. Each session works deeply in your energetic system and includes awakening consultation with intuitive guidance and higher consciousness mentoring. Your first session includes a complimentary energy evaluation of what is most impacting your system.

Multi Dimensional Healing (MDH) utilizes *VortexHealing®, in a proven protocol that works dimensionally down to the genetics. It deeply bridges into and clears stuck and densely blocked energy held in patterns of issues rested to repressed emotions impacting you on the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual levels aiding transformation and awakening.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT: Individual sessions are personalized to offer pinpointed, laser focused Divine energy tailored to meet your needs. When working with energy at this deep of a level, it is necessary to have an open and strong energy system to handle it. So typically, the first session is focused on strengthening and clearing your system to prepare it for deep work. This kind of energetic clearing is beneficial to everyone. Transformation through a spiritual journey can often be abrupt or confusing,  mentoring sessions offer helpful and necessary guidance to navigate the often chaotic path. In choosing additional work, the release is intuitively focused on core issues following a proven protocol of continuously deeper movements.

MDH also offers in depth relationship intensive sessions. Relationship clearing focuses on clarity, harmonizing and balancing our most important relationships of our loved ones to enhance or improve our relationship with an intimate partner or work through mom and dad issues. It is especially helpful after the loss of a loved one, post separation to clear old patterns and allow you to move on.

At this advanced level, the energy is effective and works just as impactfully at a distance. This work is cumulative and builds with each and every session. Multiple sessions work deeper to clear the conditioning. Yet, one session alone can be just what you need. Follow your intuition and guidance. I am here to serve you and your transformational needs.

Select from two options 

$150 - HIGH LEVEL ENERGY MAINTENANCE: 60 minutes. Are you ungrounded? Spacey? Weakened by dis-ease or stress? Are you tired and exhausted, drained, depleted or tense with worry? This healing is designed to both relax and energize your system where it's most needed. It includes an energy evaluation to determine focus. It will strengthen your energy system with a host of tools designed to raise your vibration in the area's determined to include: replenish baby Jing & kidney essence, clear chi converters, raise your constitutional energies, clear subtle pathways, energy centers/chakras, organs and more. Any talk/consultation is extra, other than a brief review of the evaluation typically emailed following the healing. Skype/Whats App/Facetime and Phone appointments available for distance.

$200 -  ISSUE ORIENTED: 90-120 Minutes As dimensional beings having a human experience, it is our human karmic/genetic and surrounding environmental issues, held in Divine blueprints that hold our conditioning in place. Clearing our deepest conditioning is the key to awakening and embodying our awakening. This energy is intuitive and also follows a protocol designed to systematically work on the dimensional and subtle layers effectively and deeply to create profound shift and deep transformation with multiple sessions. The combination of evolutionary energetic tools clears the dentisty and contraction of dissonant conditioning held at all levels of our reality, at the root level, down to the genetics. Skype/Whats App/Facetime/GoToMeeting and Phone appointments available for distance. Recordings available upon request.

Please email to schedule your appointment and request a package of services PDF.

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*Venmo & Zelle are available without a fee using the email Please kindly indicate name, email, phone #, service, location & date with purchase.

TESTIMONIAL: "I wanted to drop you a line say thanks for our last session; I am really doing WONDERFUL. Initially, after our last session, I felt a little out of balance.  However, as the days went by, I felt my energy becoming more balanced, grounded, and better aligned with my heart and the energies of my higher self.  I am developing an increasing sense of unconditional love and thankfulness in my day-to-day living.  Every morning, I wake up flooded with thoughts of love and gratitude; it is really amazing.  As crazy as it sounds, I also feel healthier and even look younger ;) It seems the perfect version of me is taking over my heart, body, mind, and spirit… You are amazing!  So THANKS again! I look forward to our next session." --Cesar P, La Plata, Maryland


Relationships are our primary vehicle for mirroring and change. They bring love, companionship, health and well-being and can also the source of our greatest pain and suffering. When a relationship negatively impacts us our lives are turned upside down.  

With an MDH Relationship Clearing the focus is on deep energetic work in key areas of release, to transform the conditioning of significant relationships and allow clarity, truth and awareness to more naturally arise. We'll release some or all of the following: emotional hooks, karmic history, relationship history (with permission from both people), astral and vibrational patterns that often create emotional, overwhelming and taxing situations. 

A single session can have great impact. Multiple sessions work continuously deeper on the issues layered in our energetics. Some of the deepest energetic work is clearing the relationship with our parents. Clearing this kind of imbedded imprints, identifications and conditioning can take many sessions to efficiently clear. Yet, one session scan be very impactful. 

In Multi Dimensional Relationship Healing, if the goal is to improve the relationship and bring you truth, we’ll identify and focus energetically on releasing the core of whatever drama is unfolding which can be tied to 1 or 2 key issues. If the goal is separation or recovering from separation, this work can harmonize personalities, clear any karmic field conditioning, astral realm conditioning, programmed vibrational response patterns and emotional hooks negatively impacting the relationship. With permission from both parties, we can also clear the relationship field which holds all the conditioning that’s happened between both people during the course of relationship. 

Clearing the astral realm is just one area of significance. Everything we do creates an imprint in the astral field, which reflects that back to our consciousness, reinforcing whatever relationship patterns created the imprint.   

Transforming one’s vibrational response to the other person’s vibrational frequencies is what you associate with the other person. For instance, when you first meet someone and fall in love, you only associate love with this person, and you feel good. But years down the road, this association can change. 

Since our closest relationships are mirrors, where we work out our deepest issues, those associations often reflect our deepest places of pain. Now, although you still love your partner, when you access them inside you also access these old pain places, which creates deep and often unconscious walls in the relationship. With this work, these negative associations can be transformed. 

Whether you choose a single or multiple sessions, this deep work is potently clearing on all levels of reality. As dimensional beings, we exist not just in the here and now, but we have divine blueprints on dimensional levels that amplify and hold our conditioning in place. This is often why we come back to repetitive situations and experiences. 

Multi Dimensional Relationship Clearing creates space and freedom  to go forward with a new found clarity free of the energetic 'weeds' that may have choked off love, affection and understanding. 

MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEALING utilizes VortexHealing at it's most advanced level to help couples find their Truth. Anywhere relationship affects us, this work brings release, truth and awareness to often  emotional, overwhelming and taxing situations. Your partner does not have to be present in a relationship healing. But because our relationships are often complex, it is found that three or more sessions have the maximum benefit. 

 TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you so much for the couples session last Sunday. It was awesome. I feel so empowered and light in my body and mind. You are such an incredible being and truly a gift. We look forward to our future sessions with you as a couple. Thank you, thank you, thank you...”  -- Genevieve C., N

“VortexHealing®" is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights Reserved. Used here with permission.

'Heart' is merely another name for the Supreme Spirit, because He is in all hearts.
The entire Universe is condensed in the body, and the entire body in the Heart.
Thus the Heart is the nucleus of the whole Universe.

~ Ramana Maharshi