Multi Dimensional Healing soul purpose is to serve your transformational journey, to help you awaken and embody truth, ground deeply and navigate the path of manifesting potential. Choose a personal healing to transform fears, soak in a group healing, seek coaching, find clarity with relationships or clear and bless your home. NEW IN 202) learn how to use magic yourself with Devi Earth Magic School!

 With years of advanced energetic practice utilizing a NEXUS point of alchemical healing based in balancing the energies of truth through transformation and the intensity of thousands of hours of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy -- Multi Dimensional Healing is here to serve you. The process is guided by Divine intelligence of both Earth and sky. Vortex is the ancient lineage of Merlin, of magical transformation working through all dimensions down to the genetics. Ma Satya or Mother Tree of Truth, merged into Devi Earth Magic School in early 2020. It is the re-awakened connection of the aliveness of Earth magic. Its here to help us realign with our roots as One unified consciousness serving the collective good of all.

Participants and clients around the world have found that this combination facilitates profound nurturing and deep release work in whatever form of Divine Intelligence serving Truth: the Divine Mother Collective, Master alchemical Healers, Archangel Realm, star lineages, Gaia magic to include the elements, winds and kingdoms, Christ Consciousness, Goddess's etc...

Each and every session is different to meet the specific intentions to transform, heal awaken and evolve.  We as a human race have become disconnected from our primordial source of Divine Earth energies. Truth means to reconcile our equanimity and homeostasis on dimensional levels to reconnect us back to each other and the planet as alive beings of One body electric.

In MDH sessions, conditioning is cleared deeply, getting to the layers of blocks and programming rooted in our genetic and Karmic collective history. If you're on a transformational path and you're ready to shift and deeply clear old patterns to find your True eternal Nature, this is the place for you.

People on a spiritual journey, in any form of self development or just seeking to better themselves are often attracted to this work. It's an amazing opportunity to explore and experience your dimensional nature safely, organically, wrapped in the arms of the Divine in person or in a group setting, focused on entirely on your evolution into your authentic nature.  Whether you are a seasoned healer, or new to energy, each experience is uniquely different each and every time you participate. It meets you where you are and provides exactly what you need. Many people attending events, report significant and immediate shifts and a deepening of their own process.   When working with this energy, the best advice is to let go of expectations and be open to the experience as it unfolds. Intentions and the intelligence of Source guide the process to heal, transform, awaken, evolve and embody your truth. Every experience grounds you and also expands at the same time -- to reveal YOUR Truth. Uniquely you, connected as ONE with all. Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu - May Peace & Happiness Prevail