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Divine Mothers

  • Amma -  Amma is an avatar, a divine expression in a human body. Excerpt from her website: Through her extraordinary acts of love and self-sacrifice, Mata Amritanandamyi, or Amma (Mother in Sanskrit) as she is known, has endeared herself to millions of people around the world. Also called the hugging saint, she offers everyone who visits  an opportunity to be held in a loving embrace, Amma shrares her boundless love with all - regardless of their beliefs. In this simple yet powerful way, Amma is transforming the lives of countless people, helping their hearts to blossom, one embrace at a time. In the past 35 years, Amma has physically hugged more than 25 million people from all parts of the world. Amma's teachings are universal. Whenever she is asked about her religion, she replies that her religion is Love. She does not ask anyone to believe in God or to change their faith, but only to inquire into their own real nature, and to believe in themselves.

Awakened Teachers



  •  Institute of Noetic Science WEBSITE
  • Center for Quantum Activism: WEBSITE


    • Judy Satori - Channels Light Language. Many free resources, tips and healing MP3 downloads.
    • Tom Kenyon - Sound Healing. Many free articles, resources and MP3 downloads.


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