From the beginning of this Integration session, the theme of the energy immersion INTEGRATION was disconnect and how to be present with resistance. Source asks: "What are you avoiding being present with? What are you resisting?" One sign of avoidance is checking out, nodding off, mind wandering in distraction. This indicates some resistance. As we continue to mine deeper and deeper aspects of the energy anatomy and it’s underlying issues, the resistance will become ‘stickier’ and more resistant to being seen. Specifically tonight, the Intelligence of Source wanted to convey that there was something related to the pancreas that needed your awareness in to shift, alchemize and awaken it. Guidance came through with an AWARENESS EXERCISE to use as needed: So if you checked out during this session, Source is urging you to re-listen to the replay again for whatever it is that is seeking your attention and INTEND to be present. Integration focused on the physiological aspects of the pancreas — it’s two separate functions: digestive and blood sugar regulation — for optimal health and wellness. The countering pattern that arose is the vibrational repatterning of Peaceful Health — a radical acceptance of what “is”. The ability to find equanimity in every aspect of life as it unfolds — is a quality thats most helpful when faced with circumstances and struggles which are our if your control, yet bring you down often in devastating ways. Radical acceptance is complete surrender to Divine will — it’ll literally change the way feel about every situation no matter how dire OR egoically controlling. It allows you to be more present, detached and balanced which remanifests (replaces) the dissonant resistance with a higher resonance of quiet peace. Getting to that ‘disconnect’ resistant dissonant pattern, will help this new resonance of Peaceful Health integrate more fully! You received a BONUS gift from the Angel Jophiel, the Angel of illuminating wisdom and restoring beauty & love. She/he gave us seeds/sparks/crystals of Radical Acceptance where each of you MOST needs it. Most likely in the deepest place of resistance that may be hidden or a part of resistant shadow work.

Scroll below to SAMPLE BOTH the integration session on New Years Eve-Eve on Jan 30,  2021 and then listen to the 2022 New Years Day Session  for an extra special energy exploration. Recorded just days apart, see if you can feel for yourself just how much the ENERGY changes while receiving extra special gifts JUST for you!

When you listen to them back to back, you'll get an enhancement of your grounding cord. It is updated into a power line that enhances your alignment with Truth and aids in balancing your flow like a ships rudder to be extra ballast during turbulent times.

Update your power cord to help you ground and align more with higher consciousness while embodied here on the earth plane. The amazing thing is that the two downloads came through on consecutive years.The first upgrade came through in the very last INTEGRATION session on December 30 2021. The new power line needed two days to integrate to help us flow more gracefully with change for the next download on New Years day, in the 2022 energy.


“We listened to the replay this morning.  Woah!  I was buzzing with energy for about 2 hours afterward. I mostly wanted to THANK YOU !!!  for the healing! I can go up and down the stairs without getting overly winded!!  I didn't realize I was so blocked. Look at all the progress I have made this past year in the condition I was in.  Imagine the possibilities now !!”

“I wanted to send you my sincere gratefulness for having your session on this first day of the new year. I am filled with such peace and calm. I am still feeling the stillness that in 2021 I often ran away from. I can’t quite put it into words this lingering white noise I feel throughout…but it makes me smile.”

Access BOTH December 30 Integration and the Jan 1st New Years Day sessions below to get your power cord upgraded as an EXCLUSIVE Earthworker perk. And, see if you can feel the difference in energies.from one year to the next. 


to END 2021 & Prepare for 2022

Your New Years Eve-Eve Session was special evolutionary energy for transformation. 

The video above is a recorded replay of an Integration energy immersion from Jan 30, 2021 and represented the END of one year and beginning of the next. It was so much more than I could ever have imagined it to be.

In every session, we gather in sacred space and meet YOUR personal guide who ushers you through each of the phases. In this session a chorus of New Years Eve angels joined the Divine Mother Collective. Merlin and other Master Healing Guides and an assortment of Divine ambassadors and cosmic emissaries dedicated to evolution of you and the planet. I simply refer to them as 'Source Intelligence'. We started with installing/upgrading your grounding cord/power line to create a more efficient and powerful grounded ability to flow with change. We spent an inordinate amount of time updating it. You’ll see later on why Source did this… The healing pool phase regulated it as a form of deepening its ability to serve your needs. And the relaxation vibrations of love/peace focused on the leftover blockages in the lower chakras, kidneys, hips and spine that impact this flow. A lot of time and focus was on the stabilizing the functionality of the power cord’s ability to perpetuate grounded flow — meeting life’s challenges, disturbances, joy and happiness with equanimity. Equanimity is defined as the quality of evenness of mind or temper; especially under conditions adapted to excite great emotion. That calm temper or firmness of mind which is not easily elated or depressed; patience; calmness; composure. We then proceeded to integrate and optimize the function, quality and essence of each of the endocrine glands: the adrenals, gonads (testes & ovaries), thyroid, pineal, pituitary and hypothalmus. It helped with overall hormonal and metabolism health. Lots of shifts and movements occurred, resulting in creating more calm, peace and stillness within. It was wonderful to feel the group field change so ‘effortlessly’ — aided im sure by the upgraded power cord. In reorientation the extra quality of effortless flow came in to deepen its blueprint. Source sent it out to the world in support of global change. The New Years Eve angels came in with individual force to work with your personal guide to enhance and amplify: repatterning the new blueprint within you and out into the Earth around us. After the past few days, months and even years of uncertainty, questioning and heaviness, this session was cleansing, uplifting, and inspiring. Listen to it ANYTIME you need a boost of energetic harmony, recharging and strengthening your ability to flow with life as it is.

This first day of the new year 2022 was filled with Presence. It starts with grounding into Earth to receive a gift of your asking. Then, we upgrading your grounding cord to become more multi dimensional; anchored in the awakening energies of Earth and flowing effortlessly upwards to the center of your cosmic Beingness. This upgrade creates a YOU that is more centered in your awareness that is FREE of ego, fear, stress and conflict of day to day life; embodied in the here and now, flowing with Truth.

New Years Angels were present along with Divine Mother Collective, Master Healers, Gaia, and host of cosmic ambassadors and emissaries singing a chorus of celebration of YOU! It is a powerful and potent experience encouraging the Essence of Stillness to become more a part of your lived experience. Each and every phase supported this shift in awareness: from the experience of being immersed in the vibrational resonance of Stillness to relaxing any areas of resistance to it via Peace and Love, energizing areas of depletion and weakness stemming from this resistance and finally a BATH of repatterning with blueprints and alignment energies. With sacred geometric morphonegeic fields, Source radiated the Essence of Stillness out to your loved ones, homes, workplaces, communities and the entire planet and all of creation. With you at the center as a conduit of Stillness. Thank YOU for participating and joining in this circle of Stillness infused Peace!