Aug 28-30

Virtual Online Workshop via GoToMeeting

Initiation: Fri, Aug 28, 7-9pm CDT / 8-10pm EDT
 Sat, Aug 29, 10-3pm / 11-4pm EDT
& Sun, Aug 30, 10am-3pm CDT / 11-4pm EDT
Energy Exchange $146/$163*

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Unearth the unknown and bring it into the light of your conscious awareness. to embody your

We were born for these times. With Devi Earth Magic you get the knowledge and mystical tools to learn how to change your deepest fear into freedom. While transformation can be a confusing process, it’s made easier when you have help to guide you while deepening your relationship to Divinity.

Devi in Sanskrit means Divine Mother Goddess. Earth is our body form where we live. Magic is who we are when we combine them together in a mystery school that teaches you how to expand your awareness into higher Truth and embody your awakening. This balancing act is what we came onto the planet to do. In three days of training, you’re attuned to access Divine energies and harness the magic. You’re given a key, vibrational tools and taught to guide yourself as your own spiritual navigator. From the inexperienced to the most seasoned traveler, Devi Earth Magic fits every path along the journey. You’re working on dimensional levels, learning to optimize your own transformational shift.

Devi Earth Magic access’s high frequency energy with the exact information to enhance, amplify and balance your evolutionary process. Through initiation, transmission, downloads, meditation, attunements, teaching, and an interactive group process, you'll leave with workable tools and the knowledge on how to use them to change your life for the better.

Imagine relaxing in a magical healing pool and feeling the tension drain away. If your exhausted and tired, you can strengthen weak energies to better navigate a tumultuous and chaotic world. Feeling frustrated? With Devi Earth Magic you’ll be able to clear those hard to reach emotional blocks while aligning with new patterns of coherence in support of peace, love and harmony. This weekend virtual group is for professional healers to anyone interested in developing their own magical abilities. The accessibility of this potent vibrational is especially good for safety and protection issues or for those desiring to connect to a nurturing compassionate creative force. It’s a vehicle for you to unweave the untruth of your ‘conditioned separation patterns’ and open into the freedom of Truth as an agent of transformational change. The more you use it, the more it balances and deepens your process and helps you embody (live) your spiritual path.

If you've participated in a Multi Dimensional Healing Energy Immersion event, you've experienced the Devi energies. Now, here's your chance to learn it for your own at home practice. All you’ll need is a clear quartz crystal to attend.

In this foundational class, you’ll learn to access the following vibrational applications:
    •    Relax & Center
    •    Strengthen & Energize
    •    Transform Negative Patterns
    •    Integrate Shifts
    •    Remanifest to align with Truth

Aligning with Truth has a distinctive advantage. It builds your relationship to the Divinity inside of you and with continuous use, it helps you remove hard to reach blocks — the blind spots and shadow sides of negative patterns that no longer serve you. Truth deepens trust and surrender to the sacred, formless and timeless aspects of your higher Self.

The Devi mission is to manifest your potential by offering you a guide to balance the often confusing path of transformation awakening within you.

Change is uncomfortable. But the purpose of Devi Earth Magic is to transform our relationship to the paradox of dark and light — to recognize its true value is found through the magic of awakening to the mystery. This is the work we were born to do.

The seeds of Devi Earth Magic are the blossomIng of an awakening evolution. It isn't just for personal transformation, its tools to help the collective conditioning shift through you. As you recognize your oneness and transform your history, it impacts the entire planet.

Together, we CAN change the world.



I'm beyond excited to share Devi Earth Magic School as a way to teach YOU how to use energies you've experienced in a MDH Energy Immersion group healing or personal session. Devi magic is here to help you move out of the old, imbalances of fear and pain, and re-align with peace, harmony and the kind of unconditional Love needed right now to change ourselves and the world around us..

In the initiation class, you'll use your own clear quartz crystal to be programmed specifically to access Divine Presence. If you do not have one, you can order from Janine Zinn at and ask to expedite shipping to make sure you receive it before class. It should be big enough to be held comfortably in your hand and not too small. A sample picture is below. Its recommended to use clear quartz only, clloudy quartz and inclusions are suitable as well.

During class, the crystal is programmed with Devi Divine Presence. It instantly becomes a potent vehicle for deepening meditation and your relationship with the Divine. The crystal will serve as a wonderful vehicle to enhance your awareness.

It also serves as a key to enter a Sacred Chamber within the Goddess Realm, where you'll engage with frequency charged magical ‘rooms‘ to shift energies. On day one, you'll receive a special transmission to align you with the Devi energies and be taught to engage with specific frequency rooms needed for deep and lasting change. You’re instructed on how best to use them individually following intention using a proven protocol to advance your spiritual journey by releasing more efficiently on dimensional levels. A favorite for many, is an exquisite vibrational healing pool to soothe jangled nerves and ease stress.

Devi Earth Magic School is constantly evolving as the planet awakens. This is foundational class based on mystery. You’ll gain access to an exclusive Facebook group to share tips and get advise. Future training grows with you offering advanced techniques and frequency rooms to expand awareness and better navigate a changing world.

In the foundational class, the first day is the initiation and transmission. We’ll introduce you to the fundamentals of each room and let that integrate overnight. The second session is a practicum, teaching you how to use the energies for optimal results. A class review with a step by step, practical protocol guides your own magical and spiritual development.

Initially I am keeping costs low to remain affordable during a time when magic is very much needed, and resources not so readily available. This is an evolving modality, future classes may be longer as it develops.

Space is limited. Your payment secures your spot on a first come basis. Upon receipt, your virtual online GoToMeeting connection details will be emailed.

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“So many miracles came out of the Devi Earth Magic School but the most tangible was having a crystal ‘tool’  to have forever, to go wherever I go, to instantly connect and gain guidance, peace and love. I’m now working with my crystal and learning to trust myself and to delve deeper into my personal wisdom. Transformative!”

"Using Devi Earth Magic I know I will get what I need. It builds quietly, profoundly on my intentions both immediate and long-range. I am connected to the earth, the Divine and everyone on the planet by connecting with myself. The magic found in the deep stillness of the Healing Pool defies definition and can only be experienced."

"The Devi Earth Magic was truly magical. So grateful to be a part of this. I still have so much to learn. I have been entering the rooms one at a time every day so that I can distinguish the energies in each and how they feel."

"I was feeling so much anger frustration and sadness with the current events. ...feeling so much of the collective and it was really tearing me up. So it was really awesome to be able to share in your workshop these last two days. It has helped me tremendously to move forward and to understand where everything is coming from and put everything into perspective. My heart is just oozing with gratitude and love after having a day of anger and sadness. I woke up with a fresh start feeling... I know this isn’t the end of my healing but I know that it’s opened up some thing new that has to be looked at.'

"I LOVE the description of the crystal as a 'key'. This make so much sense as I have gotten more familiar with the protocol. I find that I am experiencing a great deal of releasing while meditating with the crystal.  It has been important to bring in the 'flowers of peace' to fill the newly emptied spaces.  I was glad that I had experienced that part of your group meditations - so felt very comfortable with the void of possibilities."

May our time together be richly rewarded in an abundance of Grace filled with potential, possibility and magical blessings.

~~ Unearth the unknown and bring it into the light of your conscious awareness to ebmody your awakening Truth. ~~ 

BIOGRAPHY: Bette Hanson is an intuitive master of higher consciousness certified at the highest levels of *VortexHealing® Divine Energy and naturally gifted with Devi Earth Magic/Tree of Truth, a nexus point of alchemical healing to balance and transform Truth through Earth Magic. In 2020 she founded Devi Earth Magic School to teach alchemical fundamentals. Since 2006, she's amassed thousands of hours of awakening-based, intensive professional training and serves clients throughout the world. In the USA, she facilitates immersion group events, teaches workshops and offers, 1-1 personal healing's and home/space clearing. Cosmically gifted, she works just as easily remotely or in person. Called forward in these transformational times, she is devoted to serving the Divine awakening of humanity and the planet.

*“VortexHealing®" is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights Reserved.