Multi Dimensional Healing 

Multi Dimensional Healing (MDH) is evolutionary energy for transformation, healing, awakening and transition -- for people, pets and the planet.
"Dimensions are not places or locations, but levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. The higher we vibrate, the more dimensions we consciously experience." - Liara Covert
Higher consciousness transcends time and space. We are interconnected as a part of the one quantum universe. These other realities or dimensions exist beyond the range of normal perception. Our level of consciousness is restricted by our conditioning, the stories, emotions, identities and concepts that keep us limited. As we shift our consciousness, we are more able to 'awaken' and access our dimensionality. 
MDH facilitates both transformational clearing and awakening through personal sessions, group healings, workshops, relationship and space clearings utilizing the latest energy available to accelerate and expand consciousness. VortexHealing®, is the Merlin lineage of magical transformation & Divine Earth Energy,  facilitates inter dimensional connection as cosmic tree energy.
SERVICES:Choose 1-1 healing for spiritual growth, self development and healing on the physical. karmic and emotional level.   Relationship healing, brings our intimate connections clarity, perspective and balance.   Space clearing deeply clears toxic buildup in our home or office down into the land to realign our environment with optimal energy.
Bette's group healings are known to  have profound impact on both a personal and planet level as described by a talented psychic, artist Jacky Cooper who documenting the results of her experience in a drawing of how she visualized the Multi Dimensional group healing at Being One Center.
Jacky Cooper describes her experience as follows:
"As we settled into our Multi Dimensional Healing meditation guided by Bette Hanson I feel the grounding energy that surrounds me. With the intention set to receive any information that will allow spiritual growth I give myself to these energies. As time dissolves before me I travel to other dimensions observing from above a group of souls here to work together as one. A center Soul (Bette) captures the Divine Energy to anchor the group. As we unite trough roots descending into Mother Earth's highest source of energy. From above a golden and white light radiates down to the heart of each soul and within each soul there is a sharing of this Divine Light. As above unites with as below in perfect harmony connecting our souls to each other. As we also connect our knowledge to the source above we download all information needed to grow spiritually. We are all one in this sacred geometry of light." --~~Jackie Cooper, Artist & Lightworker, Warminster, PA





Multi Dimensional Healing has moved to Colorado 

Plans are to make routine visits back to the East coast and other select cities. Keep posted to this site for future events.



  • Friday, Oct 28, 7-9:30pm - COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: - Celebrations Store, 975 Garden of the Gods, Room #C, Contact: MDHealing@icloud.com to RSVP


While we are incarnated in a body on this earth, we must remember that we are still a spiritual being at our core. Divine Earth Energy unites both energies of an awakening planet with our cosmic Divinity for optimal benefit in embodying our awakening essence. 

As Earth Beings, we are deeply connected to the planet. Spending time in nature reminds us of this electrical connection. Anyone who spends time swimming in the ocean, hiking in the mountains and walking barefoot in the grass understands how the earth stabilize and revitalizes us with the electromagnetic potential of the body. Because of busy lifestyles, many of us do not have time for nature's and feel disconnected from our earthly roots. Yet, we don't have to be in nature to receive it's benefits. 

Ancient cultures and spiritual traditions naturally knew how to harness Earth's powerful energies.  Bette has done Earthwork for many lifetimes and was divinely guided to create and use Divine Earth Energy as a healing tool. This work naturally helps us to ground, center and reconnect to the awakened healing life force of nature to become a natural conduit of our cosmic Divine light.  

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Is your space in need of cleansing on deep level? Have negative energies influenced your home. land or business? Do you feel uncomfortable or out of sorts in your own environment? Are you seeking to sell, but have no buyers? Consider a Multi Dimensional space  clearing.

  • It's perfect when buying or selling a house, or for just clearing out the negativities that collect within a space and land throughout the years. 
  • A space clearing is based on ancient principles to energetically cleanse and bless the area where you reside or occupy, whether it is a studio apartment, home, farm, mansion, office, park or community space.

Energy is attracted to form, and our living and work spaces are prime real estate for mental and emotional energies, and other energetic entities to gather and stay. Everything that has ever happened in that space, on the land and within the very fabric of the structures is infused within it. A house clearing and land cleansing clears stuck, stale or imbalanced energies that has accumulated to be replaced with crystal clean, clear, sacred energy in its place. 

Negative energy associates itself to particular locations, giving that area an imbalanced or eerie feel. Hospitals, grave yards, junkyards, land upon which battles have occurred, structures built upon burial grounds, spaces in which an occupant has died, very old buildings, and antiques are some of the most common locations of negative energy. However, new homes and buildings can reflect energies from the land beneath it, the materials used to construct it or from attachments brought in or influencing the area at large. Negative energy can also attach to land, trees, people, and even animals. 

Dark or lower vibrating energy is condensed, entangled and denser quality, while high frequency energy is lighter. The two cannot coexist together. Clearing the density creates more ‘space’ for the high frequency energies to enter and reside. I am naturally gifted and trained to be able to sense and clear buildings, spaces and land using my light (energy) body as a conduit, and accessing ancient wisdom techniques connected through the Unified field to both Earth and the Sun. The Unified field is in constant communication at all levels. It consists of liquid-like-light energy that vibrates as one harmonic wave, an invisible, electro-magnetic web or grid, like an intricately woven fabric. It represents a new plane of existence and way of Being and living.

Using my integrated form and lightbody as a conduit, I facilitate deep clearing uniting cosmic and awakened Earth energies in accordance to the Universal plan and laws, in the highest and best interest of all, to restore balance and harmony. In addition, I'll create a sacred geometrical Earth grid pattern into the earth to restore the blueprint of the land and realign with the higher frequency emerging energies. This grid pattern will heal the Earth and help to hold more light in your space to promote balance, harmony and realign with higher frequencies. It re-infuses crystalline light back into the land, in what some might call a sacred blessing. I just call it love. The end result is a return to its original balanced state, spiritually refreshed, revitalized, reinvigorated and reinforcing new beginnings... with gratitude and thanksgiving.

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Artist: Aminya Nanga Mai Click & visit website.


Native American Blessing

We return thanks to our mother, the earth, which sustains us. 

We return thanks to the rivers and streams, which supply us with water. 

We return thanks to all herbs, which furnish medicines for the cure of our diseases. 

We return thanks to the moon and stars, which have given to us their light when the sun was gone. 

We return thanks to the sun, that has looked upon the earth with a beneficent eye. 

Lastly, we return thanks to the Great Spirit, in Whom is embodied all goodness, and Who directs all things for the good of Her children.                   ~ Iroquois ~


Where Can You Experience the Energy?

Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Bette Hanson is called to offer MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEALING to people, pets and the planet traveling regularly throughout the Northeast Region and throughout the country in locations like Boston, New York, Virginia and Minnesota.

Visit the Calendar page to see where you can experience a group healing, participate in a workshop or have a private session in your area. 
Locations NOW in 5 states! PA, NJ, NY, DE & MD!

Or choose a long distance/remote session via Skype  FaceTime or phone to experience the healing in the comfort of your own home.

In person or remote, MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEALING is a profound and transformational experience. Find a group healing or workshop near you and get regular listings by joining MeetUp.com Field of Awakening.

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"The return of energy medicine is one of the most significant cultural developments of the day, for the return of energy medicine is a return to personal authority for health care, a return to the legacy of our ancestors in harmonizing with the forces of nature, and a return to practices that are natural, friendly and familiar to body,
mind & soul." 

~ Donna Eden, Author, 'Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality'


“Until I participated in Multidimensional Healing, I wandered solo on my journey, reading as much as I could about this paradigm shift and meditating alone. My heart bursts with gratitude that I've found Bette. The healing she facilitated transformed me on a cellular level and likely even deeper. I wept at the beginning, feeling loved unconditionally and held by the One. I went in and out of a light sleep and sometimes felt like I was spinning in space. Afterward, I experienced a depth in healing that went beyond this lifetime. I've never felt more open, joyful, or trusting, and excited to be part of this phenomenon.” ~Allison Brunner, LSW, Psychotherapist, Philadelphia, PA

"The powerful energy that resides within the meetings is astounding. Without a doubt the healing group facilitated by Bette Hanson is furthering my spiritual growth and personal healing. I feel the advancement within myself and consider the group and Bette a gift to my spirituality. Thank you for providing an amazing experience! ” – Maria Julian, Palmyra, NJ

"It was the best ever. I look forward to returning. I've had lots of experiences with spiritual teachers, yogic masters and so on but nothing can compare to this work IMHO."  -- Pankaj Sharma, Downingtown, PA


Carrie, an artist, was inspired to create a painting after experiencing  a group Multi Dimensional Healing where she felt the Divine presence working to help open her heart chakra!

"Here's a painting I did. I'm calling it "Sacred Rose". It's still a work in progress trying to illustrate the feeling of opening the heart chakra.

The energy was interesting at the healing. It felt very cleansing and felt as if my nose was breathing pure, clean air. Crisp, as if the breath was activating, charging the air. It did cleanse my sinuses. When I got home, the 'clean' antiseptic energy became thicker, more palpable.  It spread throughout my body, everywhere and anywhere, and out! Even my eyes feel different. My nostrils are still flaring! Since I started your healing a month ago, I haven't had to use an asthma inhaler!
Thank you again!"
Carrie B., Media, PA



Facilitated by Holistic Practitioner, Bette Hanson.


PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: Many people are coming to realize that we are more than this 3D form surrounding what we know as a single lifetime. Beyond mind, beyond thought, beyond what we have always believed about ourselves, is our true nature. We are moving into our awareness that we are creators of our own experience, reality and universe connected by webs of energy. Everything is energy. Everything. Quantum physics reveals that we are a part of a vast, invisible field of energy, which contains all possible realities and responds to our thoughts, feelings and intentions. 

We are in a time period where rapid acceleration and the re-membering of our selves is coming into our awareness. We are awakening and returning to our truth of wholeness, unification and a personal direct experience of Oneness with the Divine and our higher self. We are shedding the veils of old consciousness and evolving into higher dimensional beings of light and love.

Everyone emits vibrations whether aware of it or not. Yet most are unconsciously living in conditioned states of beliefs and programming which limit our awareness to an external 3D model of human nature as unchangeable. Multi Dimensional Healing is for those wishing to shift and expand their awareness and recalibrate into higher states of consciousness -- of unconditional love -- the source of all life. 

Multi Dimensional Healing opens us up to the doors of our own Divine consciousness bringing high frequency healing into lower vibrating conditioning like pain, fear, repressed emotions and control.  The more exposure we have to high vibration, the more we create the space and freedom to evolve, change and grow. Low vibration is dense contracted energy and cannot exist together with lighter, high frequencies.

Purifying Source energy brings transformation and change, like a tuning fork retunes an instrument with vibration.  With Multi Dimensional Healing, we are retuned to our natural Divine resonance. We align and recalibrate to our expansive being of pure possibility, light and potentiality. Guided by intuitive and empathic abilities, 

Multi Dimensional Healing allows you to experience the expansive consciousness of high frequency energy designed to heal, transform, awaken and integrate higher dimensional living using *VortexHealing®  and Divine Earth Energy.

 Ric Weinman, Founder of VortexHealing describes VortexHealing as Divine Expressions: Our universe is made from Magic. Something comes into being, where before there was nothing. That’s Magic. Not the magic of stage magicians of course, but True Magic, which is the power of Divinity to manifest its own potentiality. This is the magic that brings creation into being, that can create miracles, and that you once believed in as a child. This is the magic that touches your heart and helps you to remember who you really are. VortexHealing is about this kind of Magic—True Magic, from the heart of Divinity, used for healing and inner transformation. 

Although Divinity is beyond all knowing, beyond all being and comprehension, because Divinity becomes creation, it does have unique expressions that can be recognized. The idea of the Holy Trinity in Christianity embodies this concept. God is one and yet has unique expressions. In Hinduism, the various gods are really the various expressions of the one unfathomable Reality, often referred to as Brahma. And both Christianity and Hinduism believe that one can relate to these expressions and interact with them—as if they were beings. Each of these “beings” expresses and embodies a unique quality of Divinity. VortexHealing was created by the divine expression that embodies the quality of Transformational Magic. 

An important aspect of this divine, transformational magic is love, Divine Love. (This connection between love and magic is often found in the lyrics of love songs.) Love is completely transformational, and it is the aspect of divinity that human consciousness most easily recognizes and responds to. So, VortexHealing bridges in this magical quality of Divine Love in a palpable way in all its healings.

VortexHealing is much more than a healing art. It is a complete transformational process, empowered by Divinity to work with this Divine Transformational Magic and its expression as Love, bringing divine energy and consciousness to anything in creation that needs it. In practice, this enables VortexHealing to work in a very powerful way on the body, the mind, the emotions, and spirituality, to impact all aspects of the body’s energy system, and to transform the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings. And because what is being used is always sourced from this divine being’s energy and consciousness, the result is not just relaxation or the release of conditioning but the transformation and evolution of human consciousness, awakening it to its true nature. So, VortexHealing is both a magical, divine healing art and a transformational path for awakening in this lifetime. --" Sourced: Ric Weinman, Founder, VortexHealing® 

EARTH EVOLUTION: All things on Earth carry a unique energetic signature pattern or frequency. The lighter frequencies of love, light, gratitude and compassion are very high. In this world of polarity, the opposite frequencies of fear and darkness are very low. The two cannot exist together. 

Earth itself is resonating higher and higher frequencies affecting all life on the planet. For many, this has created great movement via changes that have literally shaken up our lives to help us shift and resonate with higher states of awareness and consciousness. Major changes are occurring which may cause fear of the unknown as multiple layers of unresolved pain, cemented upon layers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma are arising to be released. Layer upon layer, lifetime after lifetime of experiencing both physical and emotional trauma, have left us tired and depleted. We long to be free and reunited with Wholeness. Yet, external change cannot occur until the internal environment has integrated and calibrated. Like a tuning fork tuning an instrument, Multi Dimensional Healing creates high frequency consciousness or Divine Love to help us balance and assimilate change.

It’s hard to understand that we have access at any time to other dimensions. We are so locked within our five senses that it is difficult to believe in anything we cannot see, feel, hear, taste or touch.  Evidence is emerging that so much more is happening.  Scientists studying the field of quantum physics are making progress in breaking through and proving that much more exists in the ethers than you have ever dreamed possible. Indigenous cultures, wise elders and ancient ones knew of these mysteries.  And Multi Dimensional Healing helps us to open to this ancient power of infinite possibilities through the release of heavy, dense energies that hold us back -- to create the space to choose the life we wish to experience

*VortexHealing® is a registered trademarks of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.

A sanskrit mantra which means the following: "Let us work together to create a joyous tomorrow, free from conflict, where religions work together in happiness, peace and love. May the tree of our life be firmly rooted in the soil of love. Let good deeds be the leaves on that tree; may words of kindness form its flowers; may peace be its fruit. Let us grow and unfold as one family, united in love—so that we may rejoice and celebrate our oneness, in a world where peace and contentment prevail."  -- Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi



Multi Dimensional Healing has been upgraded with an amazing new tool -- the UAP, short for "Universal Assemblage Point." You may be familiar with Carlos Castaneda's (personal) assemblage point, which is the nexus from which we assemble our reality. Now through this new system, I no longer channel healing into your system, but access directly the UAP (Universal Assemblage Point), which assembles the reality for our whole solar system.

You can only imagine the depth, breadth and power of that. This tool allows me to reduce the time needed to work on any given issue by 80%, while going 30% deeper! WOW!



With the upgrade in energies and power, it is more important than ever to strengthen and energize our energy systems to the change we seek. Multi Dimensional Healing is a powerful and impactful tool to help deeply release the blocks and entanglements on all levels that inhibit our transformation. It takes a strong and open system, just to receive the energy. Like a powerhouse spraying through a screen would bounce back much of the force of the spray, Multi Dimensional Healing is MOST affective when working with a strong and open energy system, thus the very first 1-2 sessions will be focused on strengthening the energy centers, pathways and all of your energy system BEFORE deep clearing can occur.

What is it that you need help with? 

What is creating, blocks, chaos and challenge in your life? 

What stands in your way?  

  • Relationships?
  • Finances? 
  • Career?  
  • Health? 
  • Purpose?
  • Environment?

Experience Multi Dimensional Healing, a holistic system of energetic healing channeling Divine light and consciousness and connecting with Divine Earth Energy  to heal the body, transform emotional patterns, and awaken us to True Self.

To best accommodate the changing environment and your changing energetic needs, Multi Dimensional Healing offers multi tiered personal sessions.  

Most are drawn to this work because they are excited about, committed - and willing to take on - the awakening stages of embodiment; choosing to consciously live their higher dimensional beingness.

  • The 1st Tier focuses on energizing and optimizing the entire energy system,  the chakra's,  pathways, intelligence fields and more, on multi dimensional levels. It is deeply revitalizing and energizing and prepares you for deeper release. It also can profoundly benefit those experiencing fatigue, chronic dis-ease or overwhelming stress of change. It is also a wonderful integration for those experiencing high frequency energy overload to catch your system up to all the changes.
  • The 2nd Tier is for those in need of deep, broad and expansive release of emotional issues, patterns, imprints and conditioning. This level also includes mentoring through guided intuition and empathic ability.
  • Tier 3 is profound, advanced healing, release and transmutation of deeply held conditioning. It is empathically and Divinely guided healing used on a case-by-case basis.

All these options are holistic, safe and therapeutic in nature. They work progressively deeper with each consecutive session. Choose Package's of 3, 6, 11, and 20 sessions and save $. 

Click SERVICES for details and CONTACT to schedule individual sessions or to get additional details on other services or package pricing information. 


Divine Mother - Artist: Aminya Nanga Mai

Artist: Aminya Nanga Mai Click & visit website. ___________________________________________


“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then you must first awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then embrace* all that is dark and negative in yourself. For truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” –Lao Tzu


About Bette Hanson

Bette is called to help raise  consciousness for people, pets and the planet.  So many of us remain blind or stuck in the illusion of who we think we are. These patterns and programs are conditioned into us on multi dimensional levels. She believes that with awareness and work, we can overcome pain, re-pattern negative habits and release self limiting beliefs. With regular energy therapy,  layers of conditioning, programming and imprints held in the deepest places of our consciousness are cleared creating freedom to awaken the authentic truth and divine purpose of your being. Each healing is an awakening to our Truth.

Certified and trained as a holistic practitioner in several high frequency modalities, her work attracts advanced healers to the new seeker just starting to evolve. Bette organically merges energies together resulting in profound life changes for clients.  She considers this innate ability to sense and work with multi dimensional energies a gift, which has brought many people reassurance, comfort and transformation.

Leaving a stressful career as an executive in television to study *VortexHealing®, Bette has advanced to the highest levels of training and awakening, resulting in a Divine calling to explore and expand her natural gifts.

A chronic illness (celiacs) prompted Bette to try energy healing. It turned her life around, from pain, suffering and ego to innocence, empowerment and selfless service. This personal journey of raising her own consciousness, plays a central role in helping others find health, healing and spiritual transformation.

Dedicated to raising consciousness, one healing at a time, she promotes awakening through personal healings, workshops and Earthwork. Read more about how her personal journey in the background and qualifications page.


Donna Eden, a pioneer  in the field of energy, explains the benefits of an energy practice in your life. “Energy Medicine awakens energies that bring vitality, joy, and enthusiasm to your life — and greater health to your body, mind, and spirit!  Balancing your energies balances your chemistry and hormones, helps you feel better, and helps you think better. And it empowers you to adapt and even flourish in the 21st century.” 


Ready to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and physical wellness? MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEALING is *VortexHealing®. It raises consciousness and awakens the Divine spirit within while Divine Earth Energy anchors and grounds the planets natural life force within the body while reconnecting to your global roots.

Private sessions are tailored to meet individual needs taking you deeper into issues to become aware of the hidden aspects that prevent you from being your authentic and true Self. Two tiers of healing for rebuilding and rejuvenating the physical energy system and mentoring/deep release sessions.

Specialty relationship sessions offer energetic therapy for new couple's navigating the  paradigm shift into divine unity or couples seeking clarity and emotional release during times of trouble, break ups, divorce and death.

Like a tuning fork ''tunes' an instrument, the high frequencies in group healings help you recalibrate and align with transformative energies while creating a community dedicated to higher consciousness.

Workshops are issue oriented and focus intensively on opening awareness, expanding consciousness,  clearing and learning tools to use in our own self development and evolution.  They're designed for advanced healers and anyone interested in transformation, awakening and evolving into states of higher consciousness.

Space clearings release toxic energies that have built up in your living, working or playing environment. Multi Dimensional Healing easily clears the negativity while infusing the area with Divine love to create a sacred space and creating new blueprints to realign the area to higher frequencies.  

Earthwork can also clear negative memory, astral realm and collective consciousness from larger areas like communities and workplaces. 

These healings are safe and proven to help people of all ages, denominations and health levels.

Learn more about how energy healing can help you attain more peace,  relaxation, inner awareness and well-being in your personal life or living space by clicking here.

 What is Our AWAKENED True Nature?

Imagine an ultimate field of pure potentiality, where you are free, centered, grounded in the body and more fully present and connected to the earth. You are divinely no-thing. As this no thing, you are a part of the everything, the vibrational fabric that makes up the Universe. This is your true nature as a multi dimensional being. 

According to awakened teachings, being has no origin and vibrates between the level of the personal and universal, between mind and no-mind, between constriction and expansion. Even in constriction, we are not attached to a particular outcome or resisting what is; we are just observing with witnessing awareness. As we evolve, we become increasingly awake and aware of the connection between mind and no-mind, without judging either state. In the process, we shift our identify from our ego and stories to the silent witness that is not bound in time or space.

 To be here, all you have to do is let go of who you think you are.

That's all.

And then you realize, "I'm Here." Here is where thoughts aren't believed. 

Every time you come here, you are nothing. Radiantly nothing. Absolutely and eternally zero. Emptiness that is awake. Emptiness that is full. Emptiness that is everything."  ~~Adyashanti



Healing is a process and we can all use tips, tools and all the assistance we can get. Visit the Reference page for insightful articles, useful information, links to other websites, videos and powerful techniques you can download and use today! 

“All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking something more or better or different, and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you are.” 

~ Adyashanti 

VortexHealing Founder Ric Weinman talks about energy, consciousness, awakening, and the role of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing. The talk was given May 5, 2013 at the Conference for Consciousness & Energy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which also featured Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss. It was produced by the Argentinian Columbia Foundation with the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.
Weinman has released two books, click the links for ordering details. 
Awakening through the Veils takes the reader, step by step, through the mysterious process of awakening. For most seekers, it will be a direct and practical guide towards an actual awakening. For those already awake, it will help to deepen them from where they are now. The book VortexHealing, Magical Path of Healing & Awakening is more of a general description of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing as a holistic system of energetic healing and a path to awakening, guided by divine intelligence.

Stay on top of the PLANET's changing times. 

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 You simply have to watch:

Where does mind arise from?

Where does thought come from?

What is the source of this thought?

Then you will see that you have always been Free and that everything has been a dream.

~ Papaji

Disclaimer: Multi Dimensional Healing, VortexHealing® and Divine Earth Healing are complementary energetic healing tools. They are not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. Please consult your physician for medical or mental issues in addition to any complementary healing you may receive.