The recorded replays for past months Multidimensional Energetics are available for purchase. The recording are ALIVE with energy and participants say they are as potent as attending the online groups in person. Choose to work in the comfort of your home or healing space at your own pace. They are  recommended as dimensionally powerful energetic maintenance to to link together to systematically build a strong, healthier and more balanced energy system. 

  • Aprilthe series energetically cleared the major organs: kidneys, liver, stomach and brain received a full 90 minute session of focused intention and attention.
  • May= we targeted the heart and lungs focusing on the cardiovascular system, the physical, spiritual heart and heart chakra areas. 
  • June = we cleared the Immune System, to include the lymphatic system and chronic inflammation.
  • July = regulates the Nervous system to include the Brain, Autonomic, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic and Vagus Nerve.

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If you are new to advanced energetic work and trauma specific clearing, it is advised to start your multi-dimensional journey into your trauma issues with the Foundational Series replays from March 2021. These group sessions clear old trauma imprints and patterns in key areas of the energetic anatomy to create a more stable foundation for deeper work. They cover your functional centers and brain interface in relation to trauma and are often referred to in groups as highly beneficial to ongoing support. The ETT Foundational Sessions are available for purchase at a $111 special discounted rate to encourage you to be more prepared before joining future ETT sessions. They stand alone as sessions for anyone experiencing the symptoms or ungroundedness, spiciness and other characteristics of stress/trauma response.

REQUIRED = SIGNED CLIENT FORM: This is transformative work that involves shifting energy that may incite symptoms. A signed participant responsibility agreement is required to register. No exceptions. Transformation is meant to create change which can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. It is recommended that you have additional outside support while participating. ETT can be a wonderful compliment to any and all other therapeutic practices. 

*New participants please CLICK HERE to request a client consent form.