We are a part of a vast field of energy, with infinite possibility, responding to our thoughts, feelings actions and intentions. A dimension is not actually a location, it's a holographic expression of reality that projects a world made up of our level of consciousness.

We perceive our reality based on the conceptual structures imprinted in our personality influenced by our incarnational (karmic), ancestral (genetic) history and personal experiences from this life Multi Dimensional Healing (MDH) is not only designed to help you understand the process of awakening on interdimensional levels, but also energetically assist in this process. It does this by facilitating the pure consciousness of Source/Divine energy deeply into the areas that keep us stuck or blocked. This deep bridging clears and transmutes energy imprints on multiple planes of reality with transformational results.

Why is this important?

When we strive to work on ourselves with the tools and modalities available to us, we typically get to only the tip of the iceberg -- because that's all we 'see', know and feel. Many do not realize that the issues we are working on are held both in our local reality and ALSO in our outer dimensions, keeping them active and alive within us.

The benefit of MDH is that it systematically approaches healing using pure consciousness guided by Divine intelligence to bring about huge shifts to help us transform and awaken by clearing on all dimensions at the root levels where they are formed. Most other modalities use forms of universal energies that simply cannot reach deeply into these expansive, subtle layers, nor clear the root level of consciousness. It is these two strengths, the deep bridging and the quality of pure consciousness of Divine Source energy, that set Multi Dimensional Healing apart.

Individual sessions are intuitively personalized to offer pinpointed, laser focused, Divine energy tailored and guided to meet your needs. Tiered options offer you a choice from strengthening a fatigued or dis-eased imbalanced system or mentoring sessions that intuitively guide the release of core issues following a proven protocol.

Each session is guided by Source and works deeper and deeper with each consecutive healing working in different areas.

A Tier 1 session offers strengthening to help energize chakras, pathways and organs for areas that are weak or depleted. Stronger systems, release deeper and faster.

Tier 2 emphasizes strategic mentoring sessions with the power of Divine consciousness healing individually tailored to your specific needs. This pinpointed focus helps bring your awareness into the dimensional patterns, programming, conditioning, indentifications and beliefs that keep you stuck in old behavior patterns, roles and habits. With this awareness, you are then empowered to open more naturally to your own evolution and begin to heal yourself.

Tier 3 sessions are Source driven uniquely guided sessions combining the latest energies available to serve your highest needs.

Each session begins with an assessment of goals and intentions, followed by a multi dimensional energetic healing and consulting evaluation. A mentoring session can typically last 90-120 minutes.

BENEFITS: Releasing dense, lower vibrating energies, creates more space and freedom for you to recalibrate and realign to higher states of consciousness. Evan with just one session, layers of contracted and distorted energy patterns transform and fall away. Each continuous session reaches deeper and further into the complexity of your energy system following a proven healing protocol.

This protocol is constantly upgraded as the energies available and accessible change. Because of the dimensional way we hold our conditioning, It can take multiple sessions to clear and transform an issue. With each session, you'll notice ma transformation into more space and greater freedom. You literally 'lighten' up as we deeply clear karmic, incarnational genetic and current life history. We'll also release reality streams, blueprints, identities, limiting beliefs, fixations, hooks, entanglements, re-network the brain and nervous system, and clear fascia and biochemical pathways impacting our assemblage point, luminous egg, chakras, energy bodies, meridians, and organs It's truly fascinating & evolutionary work! 

This transformational work allows you to release the contracted, dense energies that keep you stuck in place. It creates the freedom and space within to reveal the natural awakened states of love, peace, harmony and acceptance within. This is our truth and authentic nature and it's here that we manifest possibility and discover our highest potential.

PACKAGED SESSIONS: Because of the layered therapeutic nature of this work, multiple sessions are recommended and discounted prices are offered for purchasing packages of 3, 6, 12, 20 and more. Please contact me for a packaged pricing list.

Testimonial: "The vortex healing was very powerful. I noticed that even 24hrs later it's easier for me to breath and to smile naturally again as if the hidden/buried resentment I've had has been released. I'm in a lot of physical pain today in the head and back but I'm sure it's just energy working it's way out as my body detoxes. The extra time you took to answer all of my questions and to give me insight on the universe was life changing. I am humbled and truly grateful! :) Thank you so much for everything. I am looking forward in working with you again!" ~~Floyd J, Newark, DE

Healing sessions are offered in the comfort of your own space via distance (remote) healing. Distance healing is available via phone, skype or FaceTime. Iin person sessions are located in the Longmont/Boulder, Colorado area or at select locations where I offer group healings. External locations may incur additional fees for space rental and travel.

Did you know?


Every health issue has a physical and an energetic component. Energy pioneer, teacher and author of the book Energy Medicine, Donna Eden, explains that "any physical, mental, or behavioral problem has a counterpart in the body’s energies and can be treated at that level." She points out that "every conceivable health problem, psychological challenge, or dysfunctional habit can be improved if not overcome by intelligently shifting the energies in the body that are maintaining that condition.”

Just as we have a physical anatomy, we also have an energetic anatomy made up of energy centers called chakras, energy pathways like meridians and energy bodies; physical, etheric, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic. As we discover that we are consciousness -- the state of being aware of a greater connection -- we're finding that our energetic anatomy stretches interdimensionally in a complex web of divine lines, blueprints, structures, identities and much more. Dimensions are not locations, they are raised levels of awareness that many are awakening too.

Ric Weinman, author and energy mapping pioneer explains that "According to Vedic writings, the universe was manifested from primordial sound and vibration. As human beings, we are a microcosm of that universe—an almost infinite mix of simple and complex vibrations crammed into a small bio-conscious body. If you were to take the package of vibrations that you consider to be you and translate that into a song, consider what that song would sound like. Full of conflicting emotions and body sensations, full of restless and chaotic monkey-mind thoughts, full of eons of past-life history and millions of years of genetic survival history, continuously vibrating out of our consciousness and DNA—consider what that song of yourself would sound like. That’s why we are so drawn to nature. The harmony of nature reminds us of our own lost harmony."

Artist: Aminya Nanga Mai


Relationships are our primary vehicle for mirroring and change. They bring love, companionship, health and well-being and can also the source of our greatest pain and suffering. When a relationship negatively impacts us our lives are turned upside down.

Bette is divinely guided to use MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEALING to help couples find their Truth. She was inspired by friends struggling to fix their marriage and offered her assistance with impactful results.  Since then she has been sought out to offer this energetic therapeutic service to many others.

It works wonders for new couples seeking to navigate the Divine waters of unity consciousness. It also brings comfort, clearing and clarity to couples struggling with a breakup or considering divorce.

Anywhere relationship affects us, this work brings release, truth and awareness to often  emotional, overwhelming and taxing situations.

Your partner does not have to be present in a relationship healing. But because our relationships are often complex, it is found that three or more sessions have the maximum benefit.

 “Thank you so much for the couples session last Sunday. It was awesome. I feel so empowered and light in my body and mind. You are such an incredible being and truly a gift. We look forward to our future sessions with you as a couple. Thank you, thank you, thank you...”  -- Genevieve C., N

 Right now when we see the sad things going on in the world, crying and prayer won’t achieve very much… Although we may be inclined to pray to God or Buddha to help us solve such problems, they might reply that since we created these problems it is up to us to solve them. Most of these problems were created by human beings, so naturally they require human solutions. We need to take a secular approach to promulgating universal human values. The sense that our basic human nature is positive is a source of hope [that]… If we really make an attempt, we can change the world for the better.” – The Dalai Lama

VORTEXHEALING - a Divine Healing Art

As an author of several groundbreaking books on energy healing, VortexHealing founder Ric Weinman is devoted to mapping the complex web of our conditioned consciousness and how it awakens to awareness. He writes: "According to Vedic writings, the universe was manifested from primordial sound and vibration. As human beings, we are a microcosm of that universe—an almost infinite mix of simple and complex vibrations crammed into a small bio-conscious body. If you were to take the package of vibrations that you consider to be you and translate that into a song, consider what that song would sound like. Full of conflicting emotions and body sensations, full of restless and chaotic monkey-mind thoughts, full of eons of past-life history and millions of years of genetic survival history, continuously vibrating out of our consciousness and DNA—consider what that song of yourself would sound like. That’s why we are so drawn to nature. The harmony of nature reminds us of our own lost harmony."

The modality of VortexHealing is based on Divine intelligence and helps reposition our awareness of the concept. "Because Divinity becomes creation, it does have unique expressions that can be recognized. God is one and yet has unique expressions. In Hinduism, the various gods are really the various expressions of the one unfathomable Reality, often referred to as Brahma. And both Christianity and Hinduism believe that one can relate to these expressions and interact with them—as if they were beings. Each of these “beings” expresses and embodies a unique quality of Divinity. VortexHealing was created by the divine expression that embodies the quality of Transformational Magic...An important aspect of this divine, transformational magic is love, Divine Love."

Space Clearings

Since ancient times, people have used various forms of energetic space clearing to remove residual energies which build up where people live, work, or spend time. It is important to occasionally take time to revitalize rooms by clearing out the stagnant or negative energies that accumulate.

In the interconnected web of life, our energies have frequencies, and the patterns of these energies remain in the areas we touch. Bette uses both  MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEALING & Divine Earth Energy to removing negative energies and
bless the space as sacred space,so that visitors are more likely to connect with divinity, rather than stagnant or stuck energies.

Space clearing is especially helpful for the following:
  • Selling your home or property: manifest buyers with a revitaling cleanse and divine blessing.
  • Moving into a new home/new office: Make a fresh start by clearing the space down to the land and surrounding location from the old history..
  • Remodeling/Construction: Neutralize the energies which can be stirred up by change.
  • Challenges: If there has been illness, divorce, death, or other stressful situations, consciously clearing and revitalizing.
  • Seasons: Honor the change of seasons, especially around solstice dates.
  • Celebrations: Welcome the new baby, new partnership or other joyous moment.
  • Not always Spring cleaning: If you're de-cluttering your home and/or office, complete the process by clearing out old energies, too!
  • Shifting energy: Feeling creatively blocked or stuck? Then, the removal of residual energy patterns should help shift things.

"I had my house on the market for over two years with no offers...I had Bette come to my home and do a clearing on the land as well as the house.. I also thanked and released the house and within a month the offers started coming in... Within 3 months the house was sold and the new buyers said the reason they picked the house was because of the good energy. Thank you Bette i know its because of the work you did.... With much love and blessing..." --Coleen Johnson, Sugar Loaf N.Y


An energy session takes place in a tranquil environment wearing comfortable clothing, lying down and relaxing. The process is a non-invasive & gentle holistic healing technique which follows divinely guided intuition and a protocol suited for optimal benefit.  The energy flows naturally and organically but can be powerful with physical or emotional detoxing after affects. It is designed for people on a path of transformation and awakening. The length of the session is individually tailored to meet your needs and typically lasts 90 to 120 minutes to allow time for energy healing and spiritual consulting and coaching. A typical session, can be in person or remote/distance via skype of phone. 

Contact MDH to schedule your next healing.


This high frequency work is therapeutic and balances and transmutes the energies that block and cause imbalance in our well-being. 

Stuck or blocked energy are conditioned issues we've accumulated through experience, karma and even our lineage. A MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEALING is a potent and powerful tool using Divine consciousness to direct and transform our issues. But depending on the issue and how it is layered within in our system, 
However our issues are layered it can take 3, 5, 10 or more sessions to release deeply and have a maximum impact.

Conditioning is all the unprocessed physical, emotional, and mental, and karmic baggage from our present and past that we carry within the body, consciousness, and energy system. It’s the ‘stuff’ we fear, hide, avoid, forget, and neglect.  Its building blocks are 'issues', distortions of consciousness, disturbances, trauma's and triggers of accumulated experienced. Together, they create physical, mental and emotional stress on the body and energy system which distort our consciousness and create identities that seem as real as if we had a separate 'me' or 'I' inside reflecting the consciousness of the issue. This identification spreads from the consciousness into the rest of the body, negatively affecting organs, chakras and body systems. In addition, another major source is inherited with all the conditioning layered in the genes and the epigenetics - the environmental impact from our blood relatives. Without treatment, it can cause chronic pain, dis-ease and suffering in the body, mind and spirit.

To really heal an issue, its important to address specific areas of your consciousness where you hold your main identities because they hold certain energetic structures, blueprints, and emotional/mental/karmic positions that not only keep you stuck in the cycle of recreating what you don't want, but also keep imprinting the physical body with the issue continuously -- affecting its vital functions in such a way that the issue can morph into a physical disease. 

 *VortexHealing® treats your conditioning as issues at all these levels in a systematic approach, proven to be successful again and again. It's powerful interdimensional tool energetically works at the root of the issues that keep us in separation, transforming them back into Wholeness. In this way, VortexHealing greatly accelerates the healing process, transforming the core of our physical, emotional and karmic issues -- facilitating spiritual awakening and creating more freedom within to open to the Truth of who you are.

Because it took time to get our issues, it can be a process to transform them. MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEALING can be most affective as a preventative tool as it is a potently comprehensive single use modality.  It works efficiently with maximum and lasting benefit to our health and wellness, with regular sessions that build upon release in the layers where our conditioning is held. It can and should be a regular part of everyone's health care regime. 

In order to meet this need, Private Sessions, can be grouped in packages to increase the benefits.
  Choose packages of 3, 6 or 11 sessions.  For health and wellness, plan to schedule regular sessions as energetic maintenance.

Available by appointment, in person or distance/remote via phone or skype.

Please email MDH for pricing list.
Contact MDH for the details



We live in a vibrational Universe and every human being is like a seed of spiritual potential. Many are yearning for Source light, as experienced through Wholeness or higher vibrational consciousness. Multi Dimensional Healing is here to help us discover that "dimensions are not places or locations, but levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. The higher we vibrate, the more dimensions we consciously experience."

Multi Dimensional Healing is designed to help awaken and expand consciousness through opening us to dimensionally higher vibration. It is evolutionary energy with the soul purpose of clearing the blocks and conditioning that prevent us from aligning with the higher dimensions of our Truth. Every time we break through the illusion of conditioned programming, we shift our reality and raise consciousness. Challenging life events can trigger these shifts and growth. Choosing to shift intentionally in a group healing like this, opens our awareness more naturally and activates our expansion into our multi-dimensional essence. 

Guided by the intelligence of Source, Multi Dimensional Healing does all this in the safety and community of a group environment. Fueled by intentions, this sacred space is many things to many people: a profound healing tool, a Divine mirror, an amplifier for what is needed to enhance the journey, an interdimensional portal, a deeply grounding anchor to Gaia, an expansive meditation, a light body activation or an energizing integration. It can be heart-opening, scary, thrilling, deeply loving, awakening, activating, restful or purging -- depending on how we set our intention and what we need in the moment

TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGY: What sets Multi Dimensional Healing apart is the depth it bridges Divine consciousness into your energetic system to support and assist your awakening process with maximum results. You'll experience the magical transformation of VortexHealing® of the Merlin lineage, channeling the Grace of Divine consciousness to release conditioning on multiple planes of reality. And the grounding potency of Divine Earth Energy uses Tree of Life energy as an interdimensional connection and conduit. Divine guides join in the process as needed. Each and every time you participate, it integrates and works more deeply to create the exact shift and transformation you need.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Intuitively guided, each healing follows the group intention with a proven, holistic formula of grounding, relaxing, energizing, releasing, re-patterning, awakening and integrating. Some may fall asleep, slip into a deep meditative trance or experience a number of symptoms like chills, itchiness, heat, yawning, discomfort, heightened emotions etc., as negative blocks, karma knots, stored emotions, trauma and repressed feelings are released. This may create an energetic detox with transmutational symptoms that are temporary. Remember, detoxing and healing do not come without side effects. As we progress, we find the discomfort eases and we awaken into new levels of truth, freedom, awareness and being.

EARTHWORK: The purpose of every Multi Dimensional Healing is to serve humanity through helping raise the collective consciousness of the Earth/Gaia. Earthwork is a vital component to support the planet's collective shift away from disharmony and discord into balance, cooperation and peace - one person, one space, one group at a time. 

Space may be limited, please RSVP, however last minute walk-ins are always welcome. Expect to relax deeply, please bring water, a blanket, mat and pillow for your comfort. This group is not a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course and requires no effort, background or belief. It is safe and compatible with any and all other modalities. All ages and all conditions of health are welcome.

Note: From the moment you decide to come to this event, the Divine can start preparing you. Strong emotions or synchronistic situations may arise or you may even meet with resistance in attending. Bless it all and breath your way through it.

*VortexHealing® is a registered trademark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved.


"It was the best ever. I look forward to returning. I've had lots of experiences with spiritual teachers, yogic masters and so on but nothing can compare to this work IMHO.”~Pankaj Sharma, Downingtown, PA

“My heart bursts with gratitude that I've found Bette. The healing she facilitated a few weeks ago transformed me on a cellular level and likely even deeper.  In the days following, I experienced a depth in healing that went beyond this lifetime. I've never felt more open, joyful, or trusting, and excited to be part of this phenomenon.” ~Allison Brunner, LSW, Psychotherapist, Philadelphia, PA

"Bette is a master of these group healings and if you are lucky to have the opportunity to join her more than once – I find each time you come, it works more deeply than before and the benefits get more pronounced." ~Rev. Rebecca Thompson, San Jose, CA  

"I wanted to thank you again. Wow. It was one of the most powerful meditations in which I’ve ever participated, and I’ve meditated a lot, so that’s saying something! I had the most amazing vision at the end." -- Erin, Collingswood, NJ 

"A most powerful meditative session that made 2 hours feel like only minutes. If I tried to share my experience, one might think I'm being over-dramatic but trust me when I say I was right where I needed to be that evening and hearing what I needed to hear. I look forward to more!" --Doris L, New York, NY

"Multi-Dimensional Healing consistently receives rave reviews not only for the transformative effects that can be experienced during the process itself but also the feeling that lingers in the days following. Bette helps us to understand we are more than what we can experience here in this three dimensional reality." -- Ileana Ramos, Being One Center, Warminster, PA

"I attended one of her group healing sessions and it was one the most powerful experiences of that kind I have been blessed to be part of, and created lasting change. I can strongly recommend her process and the loving and supportive way she guides the multi-level healing and activation. Bette works with and for the earth as well as the universe, and I believe this foundational approach is crucial to all aspects of the spiritual path. She is a gem and a gift to the world!" -- David Nelson, EarthMentor, St. Paul, MN  


Visit meet-up.com/Field-of-Awakening for the latest events in the Philadelphia region area.

Artist Damian Nola: 


You'll focus on intensive healing encapsulated in a day long experience with MULTI DIMENSIONAL WORKSHOPS workshops designed to re-align and recalibrate energies in the process of reaching higher states of consciousness or ‘awakening’.

Customized to meet individual group needs, this energy is dynamic and flows organically; everyone gets exactly what they need to shift, transition and transform.

"This was an awesome event. I was so happy to step out of the way and let my angel work with me. I saw all the angels as they went to each person...It is important to maintain communications with your guides and angels. I would love to experience this guided meditation again because it opens and fills your heart with unconditional love. I am sure the more I work with them the more I will be guided to keep my heart open and follow my path with joy. – Karen Markum, West Chester, PA via meetup.com/Field-of-Awakening

"...I had never heard of multidimensional healing and had no idea what to expect, but I was more than pleased with your kind, caring, fun approach. As I told a friend of mine afterward, I experienced a little euphoria, a little gut-wrenching release, and a whole lot of bliss!... Afterward I felt so free! I knew I had experienced a huge shift in my spiritual perspective." ~April W., Haddonfield, NJ

"Bette is a very compassionate, caring and gifted teacher and healer. She loves what she does and creates a safe and supportive environment for transformation and healing. During the workshop, emotions came and went, tears and joy -- lots shifted. I left the workshop much more clear and felt transformation happening long after the event. I have experienced many different healing modalities and I am impressed how gentle, but very powerful and deep the healing was. I highly recommend Bette and the work she does! ~Daniela, NYC, NY


Wellbeing is, in essence, the result of a harmonious flow of energy. When this flow is out of balance for any reason, the body and mind react. 

Ongoing stress, sadness, anxiety, excitement, and fear can cause traumatic energy to be stuck and blocked within the body and toxins build up. The body then responds to this burden by expressing it as physical, mental, emotional or spiritual symptoms such as illness, fatigue, disease and other imbalances. 

Intense emotions are held in the body’s organs as a matter of course. Grief lurks in the lungs, anger inhabits the liver, fretfulness lingers in the heart, worry is held in the stomach, and the kidneys harbor fright. 

Health and wellness can be restored by a dual course of treatment of energy clearing and addressing the root or underlying emotional causes. 
There are many levels and dimensions to our consciousness. *VortexHealing® systematically and simultaneously clears conditioning and programming at multi dimensional levels to help us transform and awaken out of the illusion. This holistic system utilizes divine light and consciousness.  The divine knows exactly where and how our issues are held. 

Our basic experience of life is separation from what ‘is’ (ie. God, Divine, Truth, Mystery etc), creating a sense of lack, emptiness, problems and false identities that brand or condition our human experience, and cause distress. This web of conditioning is complex and almost imperceptible, completely distorting our experience with ‘issues’ that keep us out of being present and can create disharmony emotionally, mentally and physically. VortexHealing® bridges the consciousness of wholeness into the root cause of imbalances where human consciousness is stuck in old patterns of suffering and separation. 

VortexHealing Founder Ric Weinman  was blessed with conditions normal healing tools could not address. With the help of the divine source for VortexHealing, he discovered an intricate, multi-dimensional maze of complex conditioning was responsible for maintaining his issues and his identification with them. Motivated to be free and know himself -- he developed greater and more expansive healing and spiritual awakening tools that work on such conditioning.

VortexHealing® is divine consciousness expressing itself through focused intention. Divine consciousness is a profound healing vibration of the highest vibration; healing and transforming the illusion of separation. Any disharmony, negative conditioning or trauma within your system; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even karmic can be healed. During a session you’ll receive techniques coming from many divine energetic levels and frequencies simultaneously to release old patterns, dissolve conditioning and access awareness and self-knowledge. Experience the profound release of a divine, multi dimensional healing -- holistically, safely  and naturally --freeing you to awaken to your fullest potential.

Available by appointment or remote/distance sessions via Skype or phone.

 *VortexHealing® is a registered trademark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. Visit  www.vortexhealing.com

'Heart' is merely another name for the Supreme Spirit, because He is in all hearts.
The entire Universe is condensed in the body, and the entire body in the Heart.
Thus the Heart is the nucleus of the whole Universe.

~ Ramana Maharshi