What is Multi DImensionality?

Humanity is in the midst of transforming, and a new unity consciousness is emerging. There is a glorious world of radiance and reconnection to the Divine in progress.

Whether we know it or not, we're all participating in a massive evolutionary shift into higher dimensions, pioneering a new way of living. This is a process that some call ascension. The reality is we are removing the illusions, the veils and the conditioning that keep us from returning to our "true self" ~ our multi-dimensionality.

Our world is in the midst of transition and change - moving out of the trance of separation held in place by a lower vibrating energetic web of conditioning, history, issues, beliefs and false identities which are at the root cause of our pain, suffering and illness and into higher vibrations and lighter frequencies  of harmony, peace and love..
The evolutionary energy of Multi Dimensional Healing helps us integrate this shift into a new reality -- to navigate out of our of ego and awaken into the freedom of transformation into our true, authentic Self.

“For freedom to be achieved, for true freedom to enter into your existence, you need to do more than expand consciousness. You need to go in a very different direction, which is the path of awakening. Awakening isn’t about expanding the ego; it isn’t about expanding the self. It’s actually waking up out of ego, waking up out of self, into something that is more fundamental, that’s more original truth, that’s more original essence of Divinity or being of what one is. That is true spirituality. It is about becoming what you are. You don’t need to expand to become what you are, you just need to go deep enough that what you are emerges. That is what brings true freedom into your life.” -- Ric Weinman, Author Awakening Through The Veils-A Seekers Guide

RECOGNIZE THE SYMPTOMS?: Symptoms of transition can include insomnia, itchiness, vertigo, depression, panic, overwhelm, health crises, relationship breakups, job losses, financial stresses and generally falling apart. These symptoms are a beacon of change and the discomfort illuminates patterns revealing the ego and obstacles in the way of evolution.


The video below is a channeled message explaining the process of transition into our multi dimensional Self they call the 'Light Body'.


All of life here is bathed in a mix of visible and invisible spectrums of light, sound, and electromagnetic radiation and chemical compounds.  We are all influenced by the Universe, because we are the Universe.  Consciousness is acting upon Itself at interdimensional levels.

HISTORY: We are entering into a cyclic event that occurs every 26,000 years as the Earth completes a full revolution around the sun. In 13,000-year cycles the Earth spends 11,000 years - in the shadowy darkness of separation, polarity and duality - outside the light of the photon band. The photon band is a band of high vibrational intensified light that comes from the great central sun. Currently, the Earth is moving into a 2000-year period of transformational energies moving inside the photon band where humanity’s next level of advancement is offered
receiving the transformational and transmutational energies. Some call this the new paradigm or Earth shift.

While we are in the photon band, encodings activating our memory and DNA are sent through the rays of the sun encouraging us to spiritually evolve going beyond our current state of consciousness to a more enlightened state of being. For the past 11,000 years we have been outside the photon belt immersed in the negativity of polarity and duality.

This is a personal choice where we choose through our own free will to no longer experience the negativity of 3rd dimensional darkness and choose to transform the density of our being into an upper dimensional light being ascending into the higher vibrations of full consciousness, unity consciousness, unconditional love, peace, joy, harmony, spiritual abundance, health and healing.

This transformation process has many names; awakening, evolving, enlightenment, ascension, self realization among others. It is happening to every single person who chooses to ascend in consciousness and return to their truth. Here masculine (shiva) and feminine (shakti) energies are balanced to create oneness and unification ONENESS in order to step into truth as multidimensional beings.

This "true" journey has just begun. (See description of  Dimensions in the article by Ric Weinman below.) 

As you awaken the world of illusions will begin to fall away from you. Your life will still have lessons, and there will still be obstacles to overcome, but you will experience life differently.  Your sense of ego will fall away linking you to the roles, beliefs and conditioning that kept you in the duality of old patterns of pain and suffering.  And you will have a renewed sense of oneness and unity with everything ~ especially with the Divine Self, the Creator, and spiritual teams. The aloneness, alienation and separation will dissolve as you feel more connected to nature and all of humanity. Colors on the Earth will become vibrant, your health will improve, love will follow you and you'll experience more joy, peace and serenity..

Facing and releasing fears reflected in old beliefs will still need to be resolved and old behavioral patterns will be refined as you feel less reactive and triggered. You will be supported to do this work with a greater sense of strength and trust because you'll learn to work directly with your Divine self and not the ego. More importantly, veils of limitation are removed creating space and freedom within.

Congratulations! The work you have done on your self has moved you through the first and most important dimensions of your ascension in consciousness. You are on your way to reclaiming your divine inheritance.

Content sourced from Sabrina Reber's Book How To Raise Your Vibration

The “Raise Your Vibration” book is a compilation of spiritual wisdom, tools and techniques designed to help humanity activate and integrate the Christ Consciousness within. Sabrina Rebers's Book  How to Raise Your Vibration can be ordered through her website. Click on the name for details.
Welcome to your Multi Dimensionality!


1) We did not "evolve" from pond scum.

2) If evolution was accurate, then the most evolved species (humans) would have the most genetic material (chromosomes). As it is now, humans have 46 chromosomes and lobsters have 77...

3) The original human DNA template (called the Diamond Sun DNA Template) is a 12 Double Helix DNA Template (energetic blueprint). Due to past interferences and tampering by other races, most people only have 3 strands active.

4) Having weird emotional reactions during puberty is a result of the 4th DNA strand not activating properly and is NOT natural or organic. Also having a menstrual cycle for women every month is not the original design. This was altered to get more people on the planet as it used to only happen once every 7 years.

5) All brain imbalances, hormone imbalances, and thus health issues are the result of the electromagnetic field of humans being out of balance. Once these are balanced at the quantum DNA level, the original organic imprint for health that is BUILT INTO the original human DNA can be restored.

6) DNA is a term only recently created in the 1950's and studies only the SURFACE portion of what is really running your whole multidimensional anatomy. A more accurate definition of DNA would be: The observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs running in the morphogenetic field that control a person's ability to EMBODY their higher dimensions of self.

7) The original human DNA is built for IMMORTALITY. Turning into LIGHT. This happens through biological transmutation - turning from a carbon based anatomy to a silica based one, etheric, and then eventually pre-matter liquid light. This is done through the activation of the FIRE LETTERS in the energetic DNA template. Once the fire letters are activated, then the person can EMBODY their Soul (dimensions 4, 5, 6), Oversoul (dimensions 7, 8, 9), Divine self (dimensions 10, 11, 12). This is how REAL evolution happens.


Awakening The Veils - Divine Doorway
 Artist: Aminya Naga Mai www.sourcematrix.co.uk

DIMENSIONS -- © Ric Weinman, Founder VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Nature of Dimension:

     Perhaps the easiest way to understand dimensions is like this: imagine a transparent and non-solid 2-dimensional reality—sort of like a clear sheet that you can push a rubber ball through. The ball is a 3-dimensional object, so not all of the ball can fit in the 2-D space—the ball can’t be contained in 2 dimensions. Now imagine what 2-D beings living in that space would see if you pushed the ball through their world. First they would see a dot appearing at that spot, for no cause that they could find. As you continued to move the ball through, the dot would become a dark circle that would grow until it reached the size of the diameter of the ball, and then it would start shrinking again until it was just a dot again, and then disappeared. None of this would be understandable to those 2-D beings for its cause would lie outside its world. Similarly, if a 5-D being were to come into our world, we would experience that being as a god, for it would have complete simultaneous knowledge of whatever was going on everywhere in our world, it could appear and disappear from our world at any time, and it would have other powers as well.

     Dimensions can be thought of as quantum jumps in complexity. The least complex object would be a point. A line, made of an infinite number of points, would be an infinite jump in complexity from the point, so it would be the next dimensional jump. It would be easiest to consider a point to be a 1-dimensional object and a line as a 2-dimensional object, but mathematical convention considers a line to be 1-dimensional object since only one number is needed to define it (x=1). A plane, with an infinite number of lines, would be the next dimensional jump into a 2-dimensional object (x,y). The next jump, into an infinite number of planes, is a regular ‘3-dimensional object’ (x,y,z). Time would add a fourth dimension, because if you add time, you have the same object existing at an infinite number of possible points in time (x,y,z,t). Our normal space-time then, is typically thought of as 4-dimensions. But visualizing past here, into higher dimensions is difficult.

      The Absolute would have no dimension at all, which points to an indefinable, unknowable Reality—existence without dimension. (One could think of it as beyond dimension, but ‘beyond’ has no scientific meaning, so I prefer the term ‘existence without dimension’, which points to an indefinable, unknowable Reality).

     Fabric: From our point of view here in physical reality, the higher dimensions form the inner fabric of our reality. They manifest the subtle vital webbing that is within the denser vital webbing of our universe.

     Blueprints: The higher dimensions also hold all of the blueprints for both our physical reality and our personal emotional patterns. These blueprints exist in all the higher dimensions, densifying down through the dimensions, towards physical creation.

     Beings: Creation, at all its levels, is full of life. There are beings at every dimensional level, and at every dimensional level the nature of the beings one finds is different. As one goes up in dimension, the consciousness of the beings on those dimensions also increases. At the highest dimensional levels, beings will know their own oneness with creation, and yet even here, beings will still have subtle ego. Such beings are not to be confused with avatars, direct incarnations of the divine into human form, that aren’t really beings at all (because there is no individual, separate consciousness there). Avatars are simply unique divine expressions. But like avatars, higher dimensional beings occasionally incarnate into physical reality. Beings can incarnate from any dimensional plane.

Details of Dimensions:

     Note that for the upper dimensions listed below (5th D-10th D), the details listed are in addition to their properties of generating blueprints and subtle vital web fabric

1-4 Dimensions: These are our familiar 4 dimensions of space-time.

5th Dimension: This is the interface between higher dimensions and physical reality. Thus it is much denser than the other higher dimensions, and its density makes it slow to transform.

6th Dimension:  The source of emotionality is here. It arises here as pure, divine energy in the form of emotional energy. There is no positioning and no ego within that emotional energy, though. It is like a palette of colors, but it is a palette of emotions. From our 4th dimensional reality, our emotional positioning calls out into the universe for support, for energy, and the 6th dimension moves towards that call, to satisfy it, hooks into it (creating 6th D hooks) and fills that position with emotional juice. The Core Veil, our basic focal point for experiencing ourselves as a separate being, is a 6th dimensional construct.

7th Dimension: Although there are many kinds of beings on this level, of particular note is a kind of being we refer to as ‘7th D Power Beings’. These are beings that feed on power. They are attracted to people who feed on power and occasionally will hook into their field. This will amplify the human’s ability to express power, which in turn will give the 7th D being more to feed on, so it is a mutually supportive relationship. The problem, though, is that it will also lock that human into that power issue, making it harder for them to transform. Another problem is that these 7th D beings may use their host as a vehicle for hooking and manipulating other human beings, or supporting the human host in doing so. It is not easy to unhook 7th D Power Beings.  (NOTE: It is interesting to note that all 7th Dimensional Power Beings were removed from the Earth as a part of VortexHealings calling to awaken and evolve the planet and all of humanity.)

     Awakening on the 7th dimensional level is what we call Liberation. Of course, for Liberation to happen, the human being needs to have been ripe enough for this kind of awakening. This can occur either through a sufficiently deep initial awakening (which is awakening on the 6th D level), or through a gradual deepening of an initial awakening. If there is sufficient ripeness in someone that has already had a basic awakening, then simply compressing enough 7th dimensional consciousness into their field creates a tipping point, where the whole field ‘flips’ to a higher level and Liberation is created in that local consciousness.

8th Dimension: This is the level where the blueprint for a whole universe is created. It is the first level of blueprinting. It is the beginning of our particular universe (with all of its ‘realms’), where the vital webbing for this universe arises. Divine intention, in its continual unfolding (from the 10th D), takes possibilities from the 9th D and uses them to ‘construct’ an 8th D object called a ‘universe’. As creation unfolds, the divine continuously pulls possibilities in from the 9th D and sets them in motion for this universe. Your basic life pattern is set up this way, before incarnating (but it is not set in stone—it’s just the basic trip plan to get things started). Awakening on the 8th dimensional level is what creates Self-Realization—8th D consciousness contains the awareness that the whole universe is yourself, which is the key realization in Self-Realization. When the amount of that 8th D consciousness in a sufficiently ripe human being (typically already in Liberation) reaches a critical threshold, the overall human consciousness simply flips into a new state, which is Self-Realization.

     What we call the ‘soul’, as well as the soul-body, exists at this level. But the soul-body has 7 more subtle bodies within it, which facilitate the densifying of divinity into form, starting at the 9th dimensional level and densifying through the 8th, as well as denser soul bodies that bridge towards physical form. The soul is not in separation, so these other levels of dimensional consciousness are part of its awareness.

9th Dimension: This is the level where all the possibilities for all possible creations exist. This dimension is like the meta-ocean within which all universes and all realms exist. You could call it Divine Mind. Awareness at this level is not focused on any particular universe. It just ‘dreams’ of possibilities. Universes arise when divine avataric expressions take zillions of the ‘possibility threads’ that arise here and weave them together into a coherent higher dimensional ‘object’.

     Note that although this level of consciousness includes all creations, it is also part of the structure of each universe. So, when a human being within a universe senses the 9th dimension, what they are usually sensing is that level of consciousness within their own creation. One has to go beyond one’s local universe and touch the 9th D level of consciousness ‘out there’ to touch that ocean of possibility out of which all universes arise.

10th Dimension:

     This is the level where consciousness reflects pure divinity, and so it is the consciousness of pure divinity. But that is not the same as divinity itself.

Mystery, Self and the Bridge from Self into Dimensional Consciousness:

     As divinity arises out of absolute Mystery, it ‘recognizes’ itself, giving rise to the awareness that is Self. From Self awareness of Self, there is a spontaneous arising of pure joy, pure awareness, pure love, infinite creativity and the divine laughter that one can hear at the root of one’s own consciousness. These expressions, including the arising of avatars here—pure divine beings that are various expressions of Self—become the bridge and vehicle for the creation of the different dimensions of Consciousness and our unique universe.


The above video is a talk that Ric Weinman gave at the Conference for Consciousness & Energy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 4 & 5, 2013, also featuring Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss. The talk is about energy, consciousness, awakening, and the role of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing. The conference was produced by the Columbia Foundation (of Argentina) with the Omega Institute (in Rhinebeck, NY).
Want to learn more about awakening into your multi dimensionality? 

Read Ric Weinman's latest book: Awakening Through the Veils - A Seekers Guide


Awakening through the Veils takes the reader, step by step, through the mysterious process of awakening. For most seekers, it will be a direct and practical guide towards an actual awakening. For those already awake, it will help to deepen them from where they are now.

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Crossing The New Frontier of Oneness - Cedar Rivers

Humanity is in the midst of transforming, and a new unity consciousness is emerging. In future history this era may be viewed as the era of a monumental Spiritual Renaissance.

The spiritual significance of the final days and weeks of 2012 cannot be overstated. We are currently traversing the period from the Age of Pisces to the beginning of Aquarius, the end of the Hindu Kali Yuga, the completion of the Mayan fifth age, and the close of the Mesoamerican fifth world, and with these endings and beginnings the very fabric of reality is changing.

Seers, shamans, scholars and astrologers have written volumes about this pivotal time with its various cosmic configurations and planetary alignments over the three days of the summer/winter solstice of 20, 21, 22 December 2012. Vastly differing views of the possible ramifications range from apocalyptic scenarios to enlightenment of large sections of the global population.

Beyond the much-publicised fear-engendering turbulence there is a glorious world of radiance and reconnection to the divine Infinite in progress. Whether we know it yet or not, we are all participating in this massive evolutionary shift.

Humanity has been living an illusion or false consensus reality for eons - a virtual dream or hologram held in place by energetic matrices, which can no longer be sustained and are currently breaking down. This dismantling is enabling individuals to see beyond the gross illusions that the majority have accepted as the true nature of reality for eons.

New Beginnings - 2012 and Beyond

The personal clearings and subsequent awakenings have been radically accelerating for the past few decades and particularly since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. No-one can truly know exactly what will happen in the time-frame around the December 2012 solstice, and throughout 2013 and beyond, because it is ‘we’ who are the creators and midwives giving birth to this new reality by our personal choices and the manner in which we prioritise our intentions. In the light of exponential spiritualisation, it is impossible to know just what we’ll bring into existence, both individually and collectively. The time is perfect now to do a detailed personal reassessment and visioning for all the dreams you have ever held for yourself, your loved ones, and for the planet.

As we become more aware of our growing spiritual enlightenment, we find it unconscionable to do harm to any living thing. The shift in consciousness and energy popularly known as ‘The Shift’ is an on-going process, and with the associated illumination comes massive evolutionary advancement. People actively exploring full consciousness, societal improvements, and an understanding of our place in the galaxy are gaining a real sense of the magnitude of transformation during this time frame. The Shift ushers in the turning point for genuine personal and planetary ascension. We can make the most of this remarkable time by understanding how we empower and manifest whatever we give our attention to.

It is crucial to be extremely mindful of the quality of our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions. In the coming weeks and months we may find ourselves having many more epiphanies or aha! moments along with being presented with unprecedented opportunities for further awakening. Spontaneous pineal and heart openings, for example, may lead to phenomenal spiritual experiences that confirm the actual nature of our multidimensionality, connections with previously invisible spirit beings, and a true understanding of our connection to the Infinite and all that it means.

By welcoming exponential change and keeping our wits about us, we may rest in the knowledge that our intuition and allies will guide us to the best ways through the changes both within ourselves, and in those around us.

Look for guidance and answers in the Spirit Orb phenomenon.

No-one is alone on this journey to exponential illumination. Light-workers are willing to support our awakening, aided by nature spirits, innumerable angels, ascended masters, and other spirit beings.

The Old Frontier: Opposites and Illusions

When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds. This tribe shall be called ‘The Warriors of the Rainbow’ and it will put its faith in actions, not words. - Prophecy of the Native American Hopi people

In order to understand and embrace the New Frontier, let’s first briefly examine the nature of life on earth as we have known it for millennia. It may also be called the Old Frontier, or the Old Reality. We know these Old Frontiers very well as we have traversed them endlessly, repeating the same patterns and life experiences over and over again. In this context the ‘frontier’ is much more than a boundary or a veil, as once crossed it opens to infinite fields of experiences and possibilities.

The Old Frontier was an illusory world restricted within energetic matrices very often made of beliefs, agendas and rules imposed and controlled by others. It was largely characterised as an external world of opposites such as good and evil, fear and love, harmony and chaos, war and peace, heaven and hell, wealth and poverty, clarity and confusion, wellness and illness, and other distorted perceptions that enforced duality as the true nature of reality. This perception is now changing in the current climate. In the future the ‘demarcation line’ between the Old and the New may be acknowledged as having occurred around the December 2012 Solstice.

Socrates wrote, 'The unexamined life is not worth living.’ He had a good point. The gift of life is not all about life missions, job descriptions, and obedience to external authority as we have been led to believe. Self-discovery is a foremost reason for existence, along with learning to follow our passions and to live from the heart. Many may be experiencing a number of ‘dark night of the soul' episodes requiring intently working through unresolved shadow issues to gain understanding and forgiveness.

This inner work is the greatest work we can do. As we garner insights and turn them into wisdom, we free ourselves from the shackles of a painful past if applicable, while those who have enjoyed a pain-free past may discover new ways of being creative and of service. The inner emotional work clears our energy fields of encumbrances. Once insights are brought to light and acknowledged, there is no desire for endlessly repeating already lived experiences. Grand new vistas await and we can consciously embark upon the next stage of evolution involving such pleasures as an ever-deepening connection to the natural world, greater intimacy in relationships, enhanced creative endeavours, access to the sacred mystical realms, and a conscious connection to the Infinite.

Symptoms of The Shift

Choices are being made at either a conscious or subconscious level to either remain in the cataclysmic world of opposites, or to evolve into the authentic and glorious realms of Oneness. This involves the shattering of long held beliefs. Some will have noticed appreciable changes in dynamics with family and friends, and in career and living arrangements. Ultimately, the movement away from any stagnant places and non-supportive relationships facilitate the expansion of personal growth and enlightenment.

Throughout the past decade a growing number of people seem to be experiencing symptoms of The Shift, frequently referred to as Ascension Symptoms that may be either gradual or spontaneous, and debilitating or exhilarating. Eventually, challenging symptoms are replaced by the euphoria of an authentic sense of belonging, an increase in synchronicities, faster manifestation, miracles, deeper connection to nature, greater sense of beauty, heightened creative skills, new healing abilities, genuine self-love, total presence in the moment, meetings with remarkable beings, abundance when needed, enjoyment of the simple things, light hearted humour, and inner peace.

The New Frontier: Multidimensionality and Oneness

We may ask ourselves: How will my life function in the presence of timelessness? As time subsides linear time becomes obsolete. This is what is meant by the end of time. Think about that. Previous timelines of past, present and future will all be simultaneous in the quantum fields of the New Frontier. We learn to live with full awareness in the moment, much like a young child who involves all the senses to give total attention to the activity at hand.

We will discover the gracious art of creating through the heart with love and gratitude, and once awakened to this, there will be no desire to revert to old outmoded ways of living. We will have access to all information that ever was, is, and will be, as we move into the higher expressions of ourselves, and participate in becoming an entirely new species as we metamorphose from homo sapiens into homo luminous.

  • Homo Sapiens > Homo Luminous
  • habits > spontaneity
  • linear time > eternal time
  • busyness > presence in stillness
  • striving > allowing
  • limitation > mastery, unlimitedness
  • competition > co-operation
  • predictability > unpredictability
  • opposites > oneness
  • struggle and pain > joy and miracles
  • fear > fearlessness
  • external laws > motivated from within
  • separation > unity
  • density > light
  • egoic identity > true identity
  • health challenges > wholeness
  • time > timelessness
  • form > formlessness
  • the illusion > the real

Seers and Shamans Light The Way

Numerous seers, shamans, leaders and way-showers throughout the world are already experiencing the awakened Cosmic Consciousness of Oneness. Some have become role models paving the way for our homecoming to the Infinite, inspiring participants to seek the truth, and in anchoring the intense new energies. Many are working assiduously at this golden time of cosmic change to ensure that another long cycle of the duality of opposites never has to be repeated.

In recent years, health issues, scandals, misrepresentation and corruption have thwarted many of these great leaders of integrity and vision from delivering their teachings. On occasion, dark, jealous and corrupt forces have worked to tarnish their credibility and to dilute their messages. Fortunately, in the current energies now facilitating total transparency - people, politics and corporations are being seen for what they are in their true light - or darkness.

Ethical spiritual leaders appear filled with light as their auras expand with vibrancy, and their skin glows with luminosity. Merely coming in contact with them may elevate receptive students to total healing on all levels and to new mystical experiences. It is becoming more common for seers and shamans to dematerialise and shape-shift into other dimensions, bi-locate and spontaneously levitate before their students. Some can access hidden records of the earth to help navigate humanity along the profusion of pathways and bridges to the New Frontier.
Awakening the Slumbering Genius

The road to awakening lies within. Enticements to look outside for the Holy Grail have been instrumental in maintaining the illusion, when all along it has been slumbering within, silently awaiting our discovery.

As we progress through The Shift we experience the full capabilities of the body and mind. When the glands, chakras, pranic tube, brain and heart in particular become activated beyond their current minimal capacity, perception changes and we live from the fullness of our merged aspects and new mastery. The hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pineal, and the reproductive glands are the major glands forming the human endocrine system and none of these have been functioning to their maximum capacity. When fully operative these glands secrete hormones that are responsible for the regeneration and transfiguration of the body, directly into the blood stream. By turning within and meditating, and by observing in silence of mind we finally become familiar with the vast being that we truly are, and have been all throughout eternity, as human expressions of the Infinite.

We are much more than our body, mind and emotions.

A Glimpse of What May Lie Beyond

  • Matter is lit from within. Matter is energy and light.
  • Entirely new modes of living naturally occur in Oneness
  • Timelessness. Past, present and future being simultaneous.
  • A life of synchronicity and miracles.
  • Observer consciousness. Awareness of the very big picture.
  • Love takes on new meanings.
  • All needs met for every individual on earth.
  • Sacred interaction with the environment.
  • Absent loved ones greeted in the present.
  • Immense gratitude for learning, love and enchantment.
  • Changes in bodily needs and functions.
  • Enhanced abilities.
  • Wellness, youthfulness, and immortality.
  • New means of communication.
  • Access to the archives of the earth and cosmos.
  • Zest for living, discovery and creation.
  • Life becomes a work of art and excellence.
  • Co-creation with spirit orbs, ascended masters, angels, nature spirits and star people.
  • Exploring celestial holy cities and environments.
  • Free energy and high technology devices.
  • Developing a deeper relationship with the Infinite.
  • Seeing the Infinite in all things.
  • New information in frequencies and light.

The mystical gifts that have been there all along, yet hidden become sublimely apparent as we venture to explore what lies within and beyond the New Frontier. It is evident that we only know a minute fraction of what ‘is’, and now, during this Spiritual Renaissance, humanity has the opportunity to make known the unknown, in order to further access the unknowable. Along with dealing with various debilitating ascension symptoms, our immediate challenges are in developing our under-utilised capabilities, and in having the courage to welcome monumental positive change into our lives.

As we open to the new and modify our beliefs and behaviours we come to understand that we are made of many multidimensional aspects. By slowing down and allowing sufficient time to befriend and absorb these aspects we are able to integrate our new discoveries and abilities with ease and without resistance. As we cross the borders into the New Frontier we are welcomed to fields upon fields of glorious experiences that have been silently awaiting our discovery and delight.

Cedar Rivers is the author and photographer of the newly released print book and full color ebook The New Frontier: Multidimensionality


The video below is 1 of 12 with author Barbara Hand Clow in a radio interview about her the book Alchemy of Nine Dimensions:
"Weaving science, mysticism, and higher dimensional guidance into a skillful tapestry examining humanity's past, present,, (and possible future), Barbara Clow guides us to a needed mutlidimensional viewpoint of the rapidly changing world in which we find ourselves. Her work can help to lead us up the ladder of evolutionary thinking to access greater understanding and inner balance in a way that may help to transform us on both a personal and planetary level." ~ Richard Gerber, M.D. author of Vibrational Medicine and A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine