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Q: What is the difference between raising your vibration and living it?
A: Embodiment.

Surrounding yourself with high frequencies can be mystical and blissful. It can also create false security. Under stress it takes you ‘up and out’ of your body, an easy place to get stuck. If you are here to evolve, you need to do the inner work to occupy yourself in the here and now; descending into your body, embracing lower vibrational fears and unveiling the illusions of your own untruth. This process creates a shift of consciousness that is both freeing yet grounding. It’s not fun, but it’s necessary to awakening.

Most people say they want truth, but don’t mean it, or even recognize it when it shows up as heavy, dissonant, uncomfortable or unsafe vibrational story. You are conditioned to hide from and avoid pain, until you recognize that this conditioning isn’t who you are. You are not your story. From the most advanced healer, to the newest seeker, everyone has a history layered in conditioning held in your genetics, karmic past, present life – all held within multidimensional layers.

Multi Dimensional Healing has evolving as a powerful embodiment energy force based in truth. It is here to serve as a self mastery resource that works with pure consciousness of Source to follow intention and help you realign with your integrity. It’s high vibrational energetic self care designed to serve your own evolutionary process with truth as your guide.

Together we'll create a safe and sacred space to clear out the debris, density and discomfort of conditioned illusion keeping you in separation. Clearing conditioning leads to awakening and opens you to the quantum field of potential, possibility and manifestation. The process of deepening awakening is embodiment. Living your Truth is a process of embodiment for both you and the planet as you then become the conduit for high frequency light to cycle into the earth through your grounding.

Multi Dimensional Embodiment Healing utilizes the Mother Tree of Truth, an organic and alchemical force of energy bridging heaven and earth. *VortexHealing® Divine Energy of the Merlin lineage, the Angels, Divine Mother energy and other magical cosmic and earth guides to hold space for your deepest fears to be revealed and healed, surrounded by grace.

Each and every MDH healing works continuously deeper to break down cultural conditioning; the opinions, misperceptions and conclusions that form our beliefs and create our identity. The result can illuminate both gifts and shadows while deepening alignment with your authentic Divine nature. Every time you attend it is different. It can be heart-opening, scary, thrilling, loving, awakening, activating, emotional, unsafe, restful or purging -- depending on the intention and how Divine grace serves.

NOTE: This healing is dimensional and works on all realities. From the moment you decide to attend, it can start preparing or working with you. Strong emotions or synchronistic situations may arise. Or you may even meet with resistance in attending or feel unsafe. Bless it all as a gift and part of the evolutionary process of breaking free and moving into your Truth.

Multi Dimensional Healing utilizes VortexHealing® at its highest form, MI (Manifesting Intention). Bette Hanson is clairsentient, empathic and gifted by the Divine Mother with the Mother Tree of Truth in her spine and heart. As a certified VortexHealing practitioner, she's been in continuous study since 2006, amassing over 1400+ hours of intensive awakening training and thousands of client hours. Leaving a lucrative career behind as a TV Executive, she leads a simple life called to service, traveling the country offering group healings, workshops, personal healings, relationship & space/home clearings focused on awakening and embodying peace.

All MDH events are dedicated to awakening peace and harmony within the human heart and bridging it throughout the planet to encourage and shift consciousness into remembering it’s oneness.

Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu - "May Peace & Happiness Prevail"
*VortexHealing® is a registered trademark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved.

Please RSVP and expect to relax deeply. It is suggested to bring water, a blanket, mat and pillow for your comfort. You’re politely asked to attend fragrance-free.

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Here's what people are saying :

'As a veteran participant in Bette's Multi Dimensional Healing group sessions, I was intrigued to experience the embodiment energy of the 'tree of truth'.  I can say without a doubt that the energy she facilitated went deeper and provided more clarity than I have experienced to date.  Wow!  Bette's work creates a safe and sacred container for the deep and transformative work of embracing our individual truth on a multitude of levels.  Linked with each person's intentions, this new energy  amplifies and clarifies the authentic truth and love that each of us holds at our core.  What a gift to experience this new embodiment energy!' ~ Cathy C;  St Paul, MN

"Vortex Healing is an awesome energy healing system that is light years ahead of anything available today. Consider signing up for one of these healings. They are profound, energizing and the effects are lasting and progressive." -- Dan Aquilina, Colorado Springs, CO

"The healing she facilitated... transformed me on a cellular level and likely even deeper.  In the days following, I experienced a depth in healing that went beyond this lifetime. I've never felt more open, joyful, or trusting, and excited to be part of this phenomenon.” ~Allison Brunner, LSW, Psychotherapist, Philadelphia, PA

"Bette is a master of these group healings and if you are lucky to have the opportunity to join her more than once – I find each time you come, it works more deeply than before and the benefits get more pronounced." ~Rev. Rebecca Thompson, San Jose, CA

"I've had lots of experiences with spiritual teachers, yogic masters and so on, but nothing can compare to this work IMHO.” ~Pankaj Sharma, Downingtown, PA

"It was one the most powerful experiences of that kind I have been blessed to be part of, and created lasting change." --David Nelson, Earthmentor, St. Paul, MN

"Bette is a master of these group healings and if you are lucky to have the opportunity to join her more than once – I find each time you come, it works more deeply than before and the benefits get more pronounced." ~Rev. Rebecca Thompson, San Jose, CA  

"I wanted to thank you again. Wow. It was one of the most powerful meditations in which I’ve ever participated, and I’ve meditated a lot, so that’s saying something! I had the most amazing vision at the end." -- Erin, Collingswood, NJ 

"A most powerful meditative session that made 2 hours feel like only minutes. If I tried to share my experience, one might think I'm being over-dramatic but trust me when I say I was right where I needed to be that evening and hearing what I needed to hear. I look forward to more!" --Doris L, New York, NY

"Multi-Dimensional Healing consistently receives rave reviews not only for the transformative effects that can be experienced during the process itself but also the feeling that lingers in the days following. Bette helps us to understand we are more than what we can experience here in this three dimensional reality." -- Ileana Ramos, Being One Center, Warminster, PA


Multi Dimensional Healing DEEP Release Weekend Intensive

Imagine having the space and Divine support you need to meet your fears.

DEEP release is designed for seekers like you who are looking to systematically dismantle their fears and strip away the veils of illusion – to deepen your awareness and live the life you deserve.

From the most advanced to the newest of seekers, we are all made up of vibrational energy that is conditioned. This conditioning acts like glue to keep our patterns in place and exists in four areas: our present life experience, genetics, karmic and Divine blueprints. The key to Multi Dimensional Healing IS to systematically clear the layers of conditioning, which serves to help you awaken to your own potential. The weekend intensive offers the opportunity to dive DEEP into the clearing the layers with intensive focus on whatever is most impacting your journey following a proven protocol that works with Divine Intelligence. This is transformational energy designed to serve you. What stands in the way of living your truth>

> Saturday, DEEP RELEASE: Focuses on targeting key ares of release like the energy bodies, chakras and pathways following intention. 4.5 hours $90/$111

> Sunday, DEEPER RELEASE: Gets deeper into the layers of conditioning targeting specific areas of your energy system that hold conditioning supporting old patterns. 6.5 hours $111/$136

Participating in this DEEP/DEEPER RELEASE WEEKEND INTENSIVE gives you a unique opportunity to transmute layers of conditioning in a thematic and systematic way to amplify the process. The group is facilitated by a seasoned, intuitive healer certified in advanced energetic techniques specializing in how the energy system releases AND awakens at dimensional levels. Each of the two part energetic healings STAND ALONE, or combine them to get deeper into the layers for both greater release and alignment with embodied grounding and awakening potential.  It is for anyone on a path of personal self mastery or interested in expanding Divine awareness. Add a group healing to prepare for the weekend journey. Discounts available for early registration.

Here's what people are saying: "I have no words to express the work that we did this weekend together as a group! I am in awe and so has brought me to my knees with tears of happiness and such utter gratitude in my heart! ... It lends itself to such deep and transformative work! The group experience has a whole different vibe to it. I felt like it really facilitated the openness, and the depth of vulnerability that was felt. Yes, our group experience was about connection and sharing but on deeper level I sensed it was about our Oneness and the awakening and integration to that Oneness! --Laura -Minneapolis, MN

Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu - "May Peace & Happiness Prevail"

*VortexHealing® is a registered trademark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved.